To the Editor:

As a student residing in Liberty Township, I’ve been warily watching the proceedings of the petitions to leave the school district I call home. Much has been said about how these changes will affect taxes for residents and about how the school boards and supporters of either side of the issue have been acting. However, no one seems to have consulted with the people this issue will affect most.

Students of these areas may be ripped from the Bowling Green City Schools and thrown into new environments. After changing schools myself in eighth grade, I understand how disorienting this can be. Not knowing the everyday proceedings and not knowing the social norms forces a student to focus on conforming rather than on learning. Putting students through this is not something to be taken lightly. While there is hope through the open enrollment programs, that is still no guarantee.

Regardless of whether or not students must change schools, this shift in property will dramatically change what programs Bowling Green schools can offer. Excellent curriculum, teachers, classes and our special needs programs are just a few of the things this transfer will put at risk. In the same vein, extracurriculars, such as our large array of team sports, arts and theater programs, as well as many academic clubs from Model UN to Quiz Bowl, will be among the first to go as the district is forced to cut back.

I understand that most of the voters are no longer in high school and may wonder how the issues of students affect them. Why should you care about what my peers and I think?

We students are the next generation. We are the ones that will shape the world as you grow older. We will be your care takers and the workforce supporting you. Some of us are already starting to enter the workforce and some of us are already starting to vote. Education ensures that students become productive members of society and thus, our education should be of utmost importance.

Take these concerns to heart as you enter the voting booth on Aug. 4 (and please do enter the voting booth at the Nazarene Church — every vote will count). Although you are just voting to change school districts, you are doing so much more than that. Don’t toy with students’ education and the next generation’s future.

Matthew Fyfe