To the Editor:

I am a proud member of the Bowling Green City Schools Alumni class of ‘77. I worked for the school district for 32 proud years.

I was a head custodian and I was proud of everyone I worked with — great buildings, staffs and people. So I know a little more then most. In my time working for the schools there was a saying. “we are here for the kids.” That saying says it all in my mind. Eric Myers drilled that in to me most. I tried to keep that in mind when at work.

It seems to me that our board of education and administration have forgotten these very important words, as we all fight to get through these tough times for everyone.

Our kids are losing such precious time in the classroom. Those who are fighting to keep up are now falling further behind and will never get that time back. As other school districts in the county have found a way to get their students in class and blaze a trail for others to follow.

We find ourselves not willing to follow. This. I am sad to say. is not the district that I was so proud of. In my days there, we were proud to lead and let others follow. It seems to me that our school board and administration have put other priorities in front of those most important: Our kids and they’re education.

It has been said in the last board meeting that the kids cannot come back until the teachers have their first vaccination. I say to you our kids deserve better. How are the other school districts all around us are doing it?

If we don’t have the wherewithall to step up and lead by example, please let us have enough foresight to learn from others and follow the example. There is a saying “lead, follow or get out of the way.” We are sitting on the sidelines. What example are we setting for those we teach? It is time to get our priorities straight and set a good example for others to follow.

Michael Canterbury