To the Editor:

I am a concerned parent of three children in the Bowling Green City Schools district. I live, work and pay taxes in BG.

Two of my children are BGCS students who have been remote since March. They are receiving instruction online, Tuesday through Friday from 8-11:30 a.m., around 14 hours per week.

That is a stark contrast to the nearly 32 hours of instruction per week they received prior to March.

While I am concerned about the effects of the coronavirus, at this point I am more concerned about what the future holds for my children’s education, as well as their socioemotional well-being.

I have reached out to the superintendent, board of education and guidance counselor on behalf of a struggling child. Some of the struggles come from the high levels of anxiety in regards to losing internet connectivity numerous times during online Google classes.

One of my children contacted the guidance counselor and pleaded to be able to go to the school with some of the other kids who were brought in to complete their work in the cafeteria. Denied. The only help offered to us was to participate in yet another internet meet later in the day, after classes end. Hard pass.

The governor of Ohio has spoken, as has the lieutenant governor. Children need to return to school.

They need to be in person where they can continue their educations fully. The Bowling Green school district has reported exorbitant amounts of absences and failing grades, just for the first quarter of the 2020-21 academic year. The online model that BG has implemented is insufficient, as is the bandwidth of the internet available in our area.

What do our city and county leaders think of this predicament? Who can parents turn to? Who will help us, the constituents?

When parents approach the board for help, they are judged harshly and strung along. Upon contacting the state, they advised the superintendent is overseen by the board. We asked who we turn to if there is a problem with the board? They answer: The superintendent.

There are no checks and balances. There is no third party. We are at the mercy of this circle of avoidance and inactivity and our children, our future are suffering.

Someone do something.

Suzanne Swoap

Bowling Green