To the Editor,

Who is representing children in the Bowling Green City Schools district?

With limited, online school, parents have to find child care, set up computers, establish virtual access and oversee lessons.

As a great-grandmother, I am shocked. Parochial schools have been in session for weeks. Surrounding schools are in session. What is wrong with Bowling Green? Our children are falling behind. Some are so depressed. The world is moving on without us.

I have seen some home-schooled children, especially out West, who are so isolated they have problems interacting with other children and adults. The are shy talking or answering questions and they seem lost in the outside world.

Years ago, not having an outside recess or physical education, to promote good health was a state issue. It is proven exercise makes sitting and studying more productive.

Children need to learn to give and take and learn the compromise that comes with play and sports and being social.

Open our school.

Charlene M. Creps

Bowling Green