To the Editor:

On Jan. 5 the Bowling Green City Schools Board of Education held a virtual meeting. Following that meeting I sent this email to each of the board members:

“After listening to the board meeting I have some concerns. There was discussion in regards to having face to face BOE meetings. Thank you, Ryan (Myers, board member), for addressing this issue. It is my understanding that Superintendent (Francis) Scruci will be talking to Ben Robison (Wood County health commissioner) about the safety of having these meetings in the PAC lobby (where they were normally held).

“However, the more relevant question should be ‘Can we safely have these meetings in the PAC auditorium where the board can be more than 6 feet apart on the stage, and community members can sit, staggered, in the audience seating?’ It is obvious that the auditorium is a much larger space and could house many while still practicing social distancing.

“I urge you to pose this question to Ben, and not limit yourselves to only the idea of the lobby. Additionally, I also understood that you’d revisit this topic in two weeks, yet the city schools website already shows that all BOE meetings will be virtual through March 19. I thought this decision had not yet been reached. There has not been a public meeting, where the community can voice their concerns, in almost a year. The following districts have maintained face to face meetings: Otsego, North Baltimore, Eastwood and Elmwood. If they can do it, then I’m certain we can too.”

I have yet to receive a response. The following community members have also sent e-mails to the board and/or superintendent (at various points in time) and have had no reply: John Bidinger, Casey Schlenker and Katie Miller, along with many others. The board members are public servants. We elected them into office. They are here to serve us and yet they refuse to let us speak and pose questions.

I would urge you to contact this board and appeal to them to hold public board meetings, but what good would that do?

Brenda Pike

Bowling Green