To the Editor:

I read the letter that Dr. William Feeman had on March 31 (“Even without Trump, Republicans are a threat”). How sad that he is so unhappy. He should be glad that he’s getting what he wants from Joe Biden. Do you want our great country ran by the government? I guess you do by your letters.

Donald Trump would still be our president if the election had been honest. But then I guess that was all in God’s plan to bring out the evil in the world. Don’t mention God or the Bible in your letters, as we can see that’s not what you believe in. I can tell you this, Dr. Feeman, God is in control and he’s not going to let this stuff go on much longer. God does everything in his timing — not your’s or mine.

Maybe you could take a few days off and go to the border and donate some time to help. Maybe the president and Vice President Kamala Harris could meet you there. That would be a good thing to show that you care.

Shirley Schooner