To the Editor:

Brian and Melanie Jackson represent class, sportsmanship and dedication to youth football.

The end of a legacy is at hand, after more than a decade since founding the Bowling Green Jr. Bobcat youth football program, the Jacksons are transitioning the program to future directors.

Thousands of boys and girls from Bowling Green and surrounding communities have enjoyed the opportunity to compete in cheerleading, flag football and tackle football due to the Jacksons.

Bowling Green Jr. Bobcats program was founded in 2010 for the purpose of building a program that placed the development of the athlete and the foundation of sportsmanship at the core of the program. The Jacksons created this foundation not only for Bowling Green students, but also surrounding districts. Many of these student athletes built friendships with their rivals that still endure today.

I would like to thank Brian and Melanie, on behalf of the entire community for the opportunity to experience the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat on the football field. Thank you for the opportunity to spend a day cheering for our children and the pride for our players. For seeing the importance of involving high school football players to coach flag football. For creating a Jr. Bobcat night where the young players were there to cheer on their coaches that they admire thus building a bridge between the current players and the future players. Our sincere appreciation for sacrificing every late Summer and Fall weekend for the players. Thank you for building a sense of team, sportsmanship and self-confidence with the youth of this community. Most importantly, we thank you for class of the entire Jr. Bobcat program.

Bowing Green needs more people like the Jacksons — people who genuinely care for the players, cheerleaders and coaches. They took interest in every individual athlete who entered the program. They ensured the staff coached to each player. They accommodated for those who couldn’t afford the cost of participation, ensuring that no athlete would miss the opportunity to play.

I encourage all the former athletes, coaches and fans to congratulate and thank Brian and Melanie for a job well done and for bringing a program that is incredibly positive to the youth of our community. Sincere best wishes for those who step up and continue the legacy that the Jacksons have founded.

John Black

Bowling Green