To the Editor,

When purchasing a home, you typically look for one that will grow with you, and your family. You make decisions not only on the home itself, but the land, surrounding homes, and neighbors. When we bought our house five years ago we enjoyed being surrounded by farmland, and local wildlife. With our three young children we have enjoyed numerous planting and harvesting seasons, watching the farmers tend to their crops is a wonder to the kids.

Our children have grown to love watching the farm machinery as the season roll by, and the variety of wildlife that roam through the area. Deer being a big favorite of the kids. Looking out our windows throughout the years has brought them a joy, and fascination, with all wildlife that children should be able to take pleasure in as they grow.

Fast forward to January. We were notified by a letter in our mailbox that the company 7x Energy has proposed a solar panel farm surrounding our home, plus many others around us.

Our home would be surrounded on all sides with barbed wire fence as well as 500,000 plus solar panels. To say we are not on board with the proposed project is an understatement. This project, while may seem beneficial to many, doesn’t consider the input of the local families and homeowners, or the impacts it may have on them.

So many of the things I have talked about above, will disappear due to 7x Energy’s proposal.

As residents of Weston Township, we are in favor of supporting our own township, as well as the surrounding villages, townships and Otsego Local Schools, which our children are attending, and will continue to do so.

However, we do not agree with losing the value of our property, the love we have for our home, or the farm land around us.

The communication that 7x Energy, and its subsidiaries, has provided to those in the community that are being directly and indirectly impacted has been subpar at best.

It is with these words I reach out to the community and explain how a growing family in the area is directly impacted, and bring awareness to the situation at hand.

Zac and Amanda Pahl