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As winter approaches, many Midwestern folks’ prep for the cold weather with winter gear, salt for the roads and sidewalks, and the ice scraper for the car. We seem to have all prepared for this season … except, sometimes, we forget about our mental well being. Have you ever stopped to ask, “…

One hundred twenty-six Representatives signed an amicus brief supporting the Texas lawsuit aimed at nullifying the presidential election results in four key states. Seventy Republicans did not sign the brief. Regrettably, Robert Latta was among the signers.

It is very hard to keep a positive attitude with coronavirus. The virus has completely disrupted life in our country and the world, with lockdowns, businesses closing, job losses and social distancing the new normal.

To be clear, the coronavirus pandemic is serious and anyone who believes otherwise is wrong. Equally wrong are people who use this pandemic to attack others, score cheap political points or spread misinformation. We need to work together to get through this, not tear down each other.

It has been 264 days since Gov. Mike DeWine declared a state of emergency as Ohio confronted the coronavirus. I often think about how far we have come, and what that means for Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green and Wood County.

During a recent Not in Our Town meeting, Officer Adam Skaff (Bowling Green Police Division community liaison) shared an experience that exemplifies the impact words can have in, and on, our community.