Coronavirus is the cause of 13 layoffs at Wood County Hospital.

Hospital President Stan Korducki on Thursday said reduced business in elective procedures, caused by coronavirus, led to the layoffs, which were done on Wednesday.

The 13 layoffs were across the hospital and not in any one department, Korducki said. There are 852 people who work at Wood County Hospital.

“Coronavirus has affected every hospital and every physician’s practice in the country. It just has,” he said. “You have some people just staying away from health care.”

Korducki said that most hospitals are seeing business levels at 80-85%.

“From a management standpoint, you have to reset your cost structure,” he said. “We actually have been doing that and working on it for the last three months.”

This is the first time in his 20 years with the hospital that there were layoffs like this, Korducki said.

“It took a pandemic to get us to do that,” he said.

If business improves, the employees should be brought back to work at the hospital, he said.

“I think every hospital in Ohio had tremendous financial strains through the end of May,” Korducki said. “We were essentially closed except for emergency room, Covid and obstetrics. Everybody lost a lot of elective revenue during that time and so did we.”

The hospital staff is prudent with resources, he said.

“We’ve stayed the course and we’re very stable, but in order to be able to operate successfully we have to keep our costs to the level of patient volumes,” Korducki said.

The hospital is “very, very safe,” he added.

There are between zero and two COVID-19 cases being treated at the hospital at any one time, he said.

“Our experience here in Wood County, at Wood County Hospital, is very few patient admissions (for coronavirus). We’re testing a lot in the community and identifying a lot of cases,” Korducki said.

Unless a coronavirus patient is acutely ill, they are staying at home, isolating and recovering, he said.

“We are looking forward, and looking forward to being the community’s health care backstop,” Korducki added.