walbridge home 2020

Walbridge has declared this West Perry Street home and property a nuisance.

WALBRIDGE — A neglected property in the village has been declared a nuisance and the house on it will be torn down.

Council, meeting remotely due to coronavirus, last week voted unanimously to take action at the property located at 115 W. Perry St. Mike’s Hauling and Demolition, Northwood, will do the work for $7,500.

“It’s a big decision. It’s not something we take lightly because it’s somebody’s property,” said Mayor Ed Kolanko. “As a last resort, this is something our code allows.”

There have been many calls over the years complaining about the condition of the home, he said.

The complaints include feral cats, ovegrown weeds and trees, the condition of home, junk outside home, junk vehicles outside home.

“The actual home is falling apart in many ways. It’s just become a nuisance,” Kolanko said.

The house has been vacant for about a year, he said.

“The owner of the home passed away and no one else in the family has stepped up to address the property,” Kolanko said.

At the June 17 meeting, Solicitor Brian Ballenger said he sent a letter to a relative.

“We received no response back from that,” Ballenger said.

The police and fire chiefs concur it is a public nuisance, he said.

“We do not own it, we are just going to abate the nuisance,” Ballenger said.

He added that the taxes are current. If someone buys the property, there’s a good chance of getting the demolition money back. If not the property could be foreclosed on and the village would try to buy it.

Council has purchased property before and turned it around.

In 2014, the village bought a downtown property at 114 Main St. for $25,000. It later became part of the Wood County District Public Library expansion.

That summer, council spent $6,000 to tear down an abandoned home at 223 Guy St. That later became the site of a Habitat for Humanity home.