A Walbridge man who pleaded guilty to stabbing his brother has been sentenced to community control.

Aidan Lighty, 19, appeared Tuesday in the courtroom of Wood County Common Pleas Judge Matt Reger.

He had pleaded guilty in August to the amended count of attempted felonious assault, a third-degree felony, and possession of LSD, a fifth-degree felony.

A second felonious assault charged was dismissed.

Defense attorney Scott Coon said his client had no prior record and had admitted to ingesting LSD that day. He has since been evaluated and is receiving treatment.

“No matter what happens today, he stabbed his brother,” Coon said.

Walbridge police responded to the 300 block of Clayton Street early morning May 31 after a man called 911 asking for help.

Officers arrived and were approached by Lighty, who was bleeding from the neck from a self-inflicted knife wound.

He told police he stabbed his brother because he wouldn’t get out of his way and was trying to intervene and attempt to stop him from harming himself, according to previous court statements.

The brother, who was 16 at the time, was found lying in the driveway of that Clayton Street address, which is listed as Lighty’ s home. He had stab wounds to the abdomen and hip that required emergency surgery to repair a nicked vein and a puncture to his small intestine

The Bureau of Criminal Investigation confirmed the pills found on Lighty were LSD.

Coon asked for community control sanctions.

Chief Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Pamela Gross agreed with that sentence and asked that Lighty have mental health and substance abuse evaluations done.

The victim was present and when Gross asked if he wanted to speak, he declined.

Reger confirmed that no one in the family was asking for a penalty other that community control.

“I’m extremely sorry and I feel extremely guilty for what I have done,” Lighty said.

He said he is glad his brother is still here today.

Reger asked what he was doing to make amends.

Lighty said he was just trying to bring the family back together through counseling.

Reger sentenced Lighty to three years community control with mental health counseling, no consumption of alcohol or drugs, and he must attend AA meeting.

He must complete 150 community service work, which could include counseling with his brother and his family.

Reger reserved sentences of 36 months in prison for the assault charge and 12 months for the possession charge if Lighty violates his community control sanctions.