A high-speed police pursuit of a motorcyclist through Bowling Green ended in a crash Wednesday on Poe Road.

At approximately 2:30 p.m., Bowling Green State University police attempted to stop a man driving a motorcycle on westbound East Wooster Street. The man was weaving in and out of traffic, according to BGSU Police Chief Mike Campbell.

The officer noted that the motorcycle did not have a license plate and pursued it, in an attempt to make a stop.

“He was weaving in and out of traffic, using the turning lane to pass cars, and those kinds of things. When he tried to initiate a stop, (the suspect) fled the area at a high rate of speed. The officer pursued shortly, but broke off the pursuit, based on the fact of the high rate of speed,” Campbell said. “When trying to initiate the stop they were near the East Wooster Street and Prospect Street area. He fled from there and went north on Main, towards out of town, but our officers did not pursue very long, based on the high rate of speed.”

Pursuit was broken off because of public safety issues related to the high rate of speed.

“Due to the time of day, I assume, there was traffic. Those are factors we evaluate,” Campbell said.

BGSU contacted the Ohio State Highway Patrol and said they had been in pursuit but had lost site of the motorcyclist. They provided a description.

Patrol Sgt. Nathan Henn said he attempted to stop the motorcyclist on Ohio 25, just south of Ohio 582.

When the driver passed Henn, he noted no license plate on the bike, and activated his lights.

The driver, who was northbound, immediately made a U-turn and headed south at a high rate of speed, Henn said.

The pursuit reached speeds in excess of 100 mph, and Henn terminated the chase just north of Newton Road.

He said he stopped for safety reasons and that he could no longer see the motorcyclist.

Bowling Green Police Division joined the pursuit at Newton Road, and Henn followed in case assistance was needed.

The motorcyclist turned east onto Poe Road and crashed into the road-closed signs at Mercer Road.

He was ejected from his bike, a 1999 Honda CBR600. He was wearing a helmet, Henn said.

“’The speed he crashed … I don’t know what it was but it was excessive. He was very lucky,” Henn said.

The motorcyclist was taken by Bowling Green EMS to Mercy-St. Vincent Medical Center, Toledo, where he was released shortly after, according to Henn.

He was identified at Johnathan Hayes, 21, with a last known address in Bowling Green.

He had no motorcycle endorsement, Henn said, adding that his report would be sent to the Wood County Prosecutor’s Office and multiple charges are pending.

BGPD Lt. Dan Mancuso said his department attempted to assist but was not near the crash.

Campbell said charges are expected and that the suspect is not affiliated with BGSU.

“When they came back into town (patrol officers) were pursuing that vehicle,” Campbell said. “He was transported to the hospital, so no physical arrest took place at that point.”