Bowling Green police responded to three assault incidents downtown over the weekend and made two arrests.

At 1:52 a.m. Sunday in the 100 block of North Main Street, officers observed two males squaring off to fight. Six to eight other males soon joined the fight, according to the Bowling Green Police Division report.

The officer was able to grab onto two of the males, one identified as Kaleb Johnson, 20, Toledo. As he tried to separate Johnson and the other man, the other men continued to throw punches.

Several officers then deployed pepper spray to help disperse the fight, according to the report. Johnson was tackled to the ground along with another male. While on the ground, Johnson allegedly threw two more punches at the other man.

The officer was able to stop Johnson and placed him into handcuffs.

Due to the violent nature of the incident, Johnson and the second man, identified as Amari Harris, 19, Toledo, were arrested for riot and was taken to jail, according to the police report.

Harris remained in jail Monday morning on a $10,000 bond.

Johnson posted bond $20,000 bond, 10% allowed, on Sunday.

Saturday at 1:42 a.m., officers were on bike patrol and stopped a subject in front of Downtown Bar for an open container. While speaking with the subject, a fight started in the 100 block of East Court Street.

Police observed multiple people in the streets with hands up, in a fighting stance, according to a report.

An officer walked up behind one of the men and wrapped him up in a bear hug-style grab. He was placed in handcuffs as another patrolman arrived on scene.

The other parties from the fight ran once the officers intervened.

The suspect was identified as being 16 and from Toledo. He said someone swung at him, so he swung back.

He was taken to the police station where he was released to his mother.

He was cited for disorderly conduct and unruly juvenile and the charges were sent to the juvenile prosecutor’s office.

Video reportedly showed the teen come into view and squares up with another male. He chases one of the males and eventually pushes them. He is then seen still squaring up with another male as the officer approached from behind and grabbed him.

The victim sustained serious injuries and was transported by ambulance to Wood County Hospital.

The BGPD is requesting anyone with information regarding this incident contact Det. Adam Cox at 419-352-2571. Callers who wish to remain anonymous can call the Wood County Crime Stoppers at 800-54-CRIME (419-352-0077).

While still at that intersection, police at 3:35 a.m. observed 10-15 people standing in the 200 block of North Main Street for a minute then punches were thrown by multiple people.

The officers started to run over to that location to break up the fight when a bystander said a male was being “jumped.” When the officer yelled for the fight to break up, people immediately began running in different directions. Two males in the group ran behind the library and the officer proceeded to chase them, according to the report.

One man ran over to City Lot 6 and another male in red pants and white T-shirt ran eastbound on West Oak Street. This man tripped in the grass and fell. Although grabbed by the officer and told to get to the ground, he was able to get away and continued running east.

At this point, a police cruiser was behind them with its lights and siren on.

The man turn and ran south on North Main Street on the sidewalk. The police cruiser passed and stopped at the West Court Street intersection.

The man tried to cross the street, lost his balance on an object on the sidewalk, and ran into the back of the police cruiser. The male lost a lot of momentum but continued to try and run, according to the report. The officer in foot pursuit was able to tackle the man to the ground.

Bowling Green State University police assisted in handcuffing the man.

He told police there was an altercation, but he wasn’t involved and ran because he thought someone was trying to beat him up.

The victim of the fight did not want anything done or any charges filed, so the man was released.