BG Police station

A Bowling Green man has been arrested for assaulting a police officer and two officers were treated at the hospital for their injuries.

On Friday at 8:40 a.m., dispatch advised a man who has previously been charged with criminal trespass was sitting in his home in the 300 block of Parkview Avenue.

Bowling Green Municipal Court had turned that charge into a warrant for the arrest of Andrew Hildebrand.

While speaking in-house about the charges, it was decided Hildebrand would be served with the charges by the Bowling Green Police Division and given a court date.

Meanwhile, Hildebrand called dispatch and said he found a note left by BGPD on his door and that he would not talk to police and everything should go through his lawyer.

Police went to the residence to serve the paperwork and was told by Hildebrand through the door that he would not talk to the officer.

An officer left a copy of the citation on the door with instructions to contact a lawyer and the court in order to take care of the charge. The officer then returned to the station and called Hildebrand to advise him of the criminal trespass citation.

Hildebrand began to argue about the trespass, saying that he only walked through her yard and that he was never inside her house. As the officer began to discuss the law, Hildebrand cursed at him and hung up the phone.

A minute later, BGPD received two calls from the 300 block of Parkview, and both women said Hildebrand was at the complainant’s door, pounding on it. Meanwhile, Hildebrand called dispatch, asking to speak to a supervisor.

Four police officers responded to the area and decided to charge Hildebrand with an additional charge of criminal trespass for his actions that day and arrest him.

When told he was under arrest, Hildebrand ran from his porch to the front door of his trailer, according to the police report.

As he was beginning to enter his doorway, an officer grabbed his right arm. Hildebrand reportedly continued into the trailer, turned his body and swung his left arm toward the officer. The soft drink he was holding splattered across the officer’s face and mask.

Hildebrand’s arm swung downward and the officer said he felt the hit on the upper left side of his body armor.

Hildebrand continued to move into the kitchen as the officer was trying to gain control of his right arm and a second officer joined in the struggle. A push sent all three men to the ground.

According to the police report, Hildebrand attempted to get up and was violently thrashing and grabbing household items and throwing them at officers. Hildebrand continued to fiercely struggle and swing his fist at the second officer with a third officer took him back to the ground and used his body to hold him down.

Hildebrand was told to stop resisting otherwise he would get tased.

Once Hildebrand was handcuffed, he stopped resisting and all officers got off of him.

Hildebrand was complaining of injury and the second officer said he had severe pain to his left shoulder.

An ambulance was called, but the second officer said he would drive himself to the hospital. It was determined he had a dislocated shoulder and the injury could require surgery.

BG EMS transported Hildebrand to the hospital. The first officer rode along and began to notice that his right forearm muscles were beginning to tighten up and were extremely sore. He also began noticing slight numbness is his left shoulder joint.

After he was cleared at the hospital, Hildebrand, 40, was take to the jail and charged with felonious assault, assault of an officer, criminal trespass and resisting arrest.

He pleaded not guilty Monday to the charges and was released on an own recognizance bond.