The following property transfers have been filed through the Wood County Real Estate Division.

Sept. 9

534 W. Eighth St., Perrysburg, residential, from James Moser and Dawn Schmidt, to Jeremiah Wallace, $125,000.

8600 Nelson Road, Bowling Green, residential, from Benjamin Stanton, to Michael Jacobs, $260,000.

115 Chantilly Rue, Northwood, residential, from Michael and Pamela Simon, to Cody and Mackenzie Kennedy, $150,000.

515 W. Second St., Perrysburg, residential, from Jeannine Rogerson, to Michael and Ashley Bach, $150,000.

15170 Cypress Drive, Perrysburg, residential, from Louisville Title Agency of Northwest Ohio, to Bonnie Anderson, trustee, $81,900.

23660 W. U.S. 6, Grand Rapids, residential, from Christopher Malanowski, to George and Jane Cowell, $255,000.

150 Quail Road, #14, Perrysburg, residential, from Charles and Beverly Allen, to Sharon Quandt, $139,000.

Sept. 10

7831 McCutcheonville Road, Wayne, residential, from Michael Maltby, to Tyler Ambroski, $170,000.

1570 E. Wooster St., Bowling Green, commercial, 1.18 acres, from Hekron Investment, to Midwest QSR RE Owner Inc., $800,000.

147 Willowood Circle, Bowling Green, residential, from Gertrude Gilbert, to Billy and Elizabeth Eddy, $249,000.

723 Keil Court, Bowling Green, residential, from John Nicodemo and Elizabeth Bochet, to Pamela Rittes, $158,125.

18462 Broad St., Tontogany, residential, from Gary Gill, to Kerry Palmer, $63,800.

138 Bacon St., Rossford, residential, from Daniel and Miranda Sattler, to Gregory Sattler, $104,000.

23859 W. Ohio 65, Grand Rapids, residential, from Donald and Catherine Putnam, to Monica Thompson, $180,000.

6701 Alexander Drive, Walbridge, residential, from Derek and Sarah Yundt, to Daniel and Carmel Villegas, $246,400.

233 Elm St., Rossford, residential, from Megan Schmitz, to John Heidelberg, $109,000.

963 Maple St., Perrysburg, residential, from Theodore Hill, to Jennifer and Nicholas Zenz, $210,000.

1680 Horseshoe Bend Drive, Perrysburg, residential, from Leslie Wingate, to Anthony and Kerry Hess, $293,000.

506 N. Garfield St., Bloomdale, residential, from Ron and Mary Stemnock, to Christopher and Fay Schultz, $40,000.

3383 Bordeaux Rue, Northwood, residential, from William and Erin Wauford, to Eric and Jasmine Viola, $186,890.

3610 Oram Road, Northwood, residential, from Annie Kutzka, to Alec and Madison Fehlhaber, $140,000.

1937 Par Rue, Northwood, residential, from David and Donna Venzke, to David Russell, $205,000.

8231 Weston Road, Custar, residential, from Caleb Baus, to Roberta Stokes, $135,800.

10049 Main St., Rudolph, residential, from Independent Investments, to L. Engel and Amy Jeblon, $47,500.

1924 Coopers Hawk Road, Perrysburg, residential, from Zachary and Jennifer Priday, to Guofeng and Yaning Liu, $289,900.

Sept. 13

7 Knollwood Drive, Perrysburg, residential, from NED LLC, to James and Carrie Northcutt, $122,000.

322 W. Crocker St., Bradner, residential, from Jeffrey Thurman, to Pamela Gaich, $55,000.

128 Locust St., Luckey, residential, from T & S Adventures, to Joan Boyer, $60,000.

9533 Saint Andrews Road, Perrysburg, residential, from Brian and Patricia Zak, to Nathan Morningstar, $265,000.

538 Indian Ridge Trail, Rossford, residential, from Geral Gaskins Jr., to Logan Smith and Heather Daniels, $218,000.

725 Brittany Ave., Bowling Green, residential, from Andrew and Jamie Alt, to Nathan and Ashley Shambo, $368,000.

29678 Chatham Way, Perrysburg, residential, from Lynn Aurand and Daniel Boyle, trustees, to Patricia Reynolds, $515,000.

823 Peachtree Court, Bowling Green, residential, from John and Sahley Sankiewicz, $250,000.

1548 Rosewood Drive, Bowling Green, residential, from James and Pamela Schenk, to Christopher and Lauren Earhart, $309,900.

Sept. 14

250 Birchdale Road, Perrysburg, residential, from Michael and Marsha Selders, to Michael Jupp, $187,000.

425 Arrowhead Drive, Perrysburg, residential, from Aubrey Arndt, to Jennifer Bohland-Anhalt and Joshua Anhalt, $300,000.

21605 Kellogg Road, Grand Rapids, residential, from Marshall and Stephanie Thompson, trustees, to Taylor Griffiths, $142,000.

1903 Bordeaux Rue, Northwood, residential, from Troy Nissen, to Mandy Kramer, $175,000.

1889 Lexington Drive, Perrysburg, residential, from Chad and Rhonda Gilligan, to Daniel and Julianne Pratt, $317,500.

1234 Schreier Road, Rossford, residential, from James Gregory, to Dave and Andrea White, $149,000.

29620 Gleneagles Road, Unit C, Perrysburg, residential, from Kimberly Limes, to Gregory and Kelly Paradis, $233,910.

1416 Muirfield Drive, Bowling Green, residential, from Ilrang Lee and Yonghwan Chang, to Natalia Markelova and Svetlana Titova, $450,000.

440 Nora Drive, Perrysburg, residential, from Abdlaziz Anz, to Jason Shotwell and Tony Lowery, $270,000.

20550 Evon Lane, Weston, residential, from Benedict and Etta Ptake, to David Ferguson, $147,300.

26933 Whiteside Drive, Perrysburg, residential, from Rob Vela Jr., to Christian Pokrywka, $190,000.

572 E. Front St., Perrysburg, residential, from David and Katie Croci, to Glenn and Jennifer Theriault, $445,000.

752 Cricket Lane, Perrysburg, residential, from Nancy May, to Jason Aust and Claire MacBride, $279,000.

9568 Saint Andrews Road, Perrysburg, residential, from Stanley Guidera, to Jordan Smith, $294,900.

918 Hanson, Northwood, residential, from James and Tara Jefferies, to Denise Horvath, $148,000.

1462 Cardinal Road, Bowling Green, residential, from Molly and Doug Leader, to Keith and Kathleen LaVrar, $260,000.

10087 N. Shannon Hills, Perrysburg, residential, from Zandra Sell, trustee, to Deborah Warner, $258,000.

141 E. Seventh St., Perrysburg, residential, from Karen and Phillip Barnes, to Kevin and Melanie Rantanen, $165,000.

0 Keller Road, Lake Township, agricultural, 38.72 acres, from Rudolph/Keller Farm, to First Solar, $1,002,250.

0 Avenue Road, 0 Tracy Road, 6402 Keller Road and 0 Keller Road, Lake Township, agricultural, 95.53 acres, from F&K Investments, to First Solar, $2,388,875.

510 Liberty Hi Road, Haskins, residential, from Southern Partners, to Joseph Snyder, $183,900.

112 Breckman St., Walbridge, residential, from Raymond Orkowski, to Nicole Reinhart, $140,000.

205 S. Findlay St., Haskins, residential, from Heidi Downs, to Bradley and Lisa Heft. $220,000.

Sept. 15

13907 Wapakoneta, Grand Rapids, residential, from Dana Shoup and Lisa Miller, to Aarin Egleston and Jensyn Huffman, $160,000.

125 Bentley Drive, Perrysburg, residential, from Buckeye Real Estate Group, to Thomas Nguyen, $394,500.

500 E. Union St., Walbridge, residential, from Diane and Darryl Traver, trustees, to Kurt McKee, $140,000.

26499 Laurel Lane, Perrysburg, residential, from Joshua and Sally Culling, to Caitlyn and David Hollingshead, $405,000.

1235 Orville Court, Northwood, residential, from Ronald Schmidt, to Lynn and Steven Childers, $235,000.

884 Wood Sorrel Lane, Perrysburg, residential, from Shad Ortman, to Shad Ortman and Amanda Ainsley, $108,450.

173 Venango St., Cygnet, residential, from Vicki Grilliot, to David Simon, $10,000.

605 E. Water St., North Baltimore, residential, from Jessi Long, to Michael and Melanie Missler, $80,000.

2509 N. Main St., Hoytville, commercial, from William Buchanan, to Charles Crouse, $15,000.

412 W. State St., North Baltimore, residential, from Faith Gallant, to Karen Perry and Gerald Perry II, $10,000.

512 Highland Drive, Rossford, residential, from Akhok and Usha Kamani, to Nicholas and Carrie Pott, $206,000.

522 W. Seventh St., Perrysburg, residential, from Kurt and Sheri Muszynski, to Nathan and Matthew Smith, $115,000.

560 W. Seventh St., Perrysburg, residential, from Equity Trust Company, to Eagle Point Properties, $143,855.

Sept. 16

409 Wallace Ave., Bowling Green, residential, from Tabitha Buess, to Alicia Stansbry, $175,000.

553 S. Mitchell Road, Bowling Green, residential, from JTMG Holdings, to John Powers and Megan Tatenhove, $110,000.

407 Conneaut Ave., Bowling Green, residential, from Donna Parsons, to Court and Main Ventures, $120,000.

2478 Genoa Road, Perrysburg, residential, from DI-LYN, to Bark N Lounge, $72,000.

7593 S. Dixie Hwy, Cygnet, residential, from Patricia Stephenson, to Bradly Kamish, $137,000.

2580 Rudolph Road, North Baltimore, residential, from Brian and Allison Pickens, to Shane and Kathryn Rode, $399,000.

113 E. Union St., Walbridge, residential, from Nancy Gloria, to Fred and Alexis Reese, $110,000.

11090 Liberty Hi Road, Rudolph, residential, from Matthew and Jeanette Bowerman, to Alicia Bowerman, $90,000.

29024 Greystone Drive, Millbury, residential, from Shela Habel, to David Bury, $215,000.

208 Marie Place, Perrysburg, residential, from Car-Bet, to Vicki and Charles Schmidt, $170,000.

Sept. 17

22531 Portage Road, Weston, residential, from John Goris and Bonnie Weiker, trustees, to Robert and Margaret Hanna, $265,000.

1104 Sparrow Lane, Bowling Green, residential, from James and Carolyn Anderson, to Travis and Monica Lahse, $265,000.

642 Hunters Run, Perrysburg, residential, from Anne Izzi, to Donald Wallace, $342,000.

575 Winding River Court, Perrysburg, residential, from Robert and Kathryn LaMere, to Damian and Aislin Michel, $448,300.