Bowling Green Police

Six reports of stolen catalytic converters have been filed in Bowling Green since the beginning of December.

Two thefts were reported this month in the 700 block of East Napoleon Road, one from a 2001 Honda Accord and the other from a 2004 Honda Odyssey.

Four more were reported stolen Dec. 12 and 13 in the parking lots of apartment complexes, two from vehicles parked in the 1600 block of East Clough Street and one each from the 200 block of Killarny Circle and the 200 block of Evergreen Street.

All were in the east side of town around Stadium View Apartments and Shamrock Village Apartments.

Vehicles hit were a 2003 Acura four-door, a 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix, a 2003 Honda Odyssey and a 2007 Honda CR-V.

The catalytic converters, which contain platinum, are expensive to replace and are sometimes bought from thieves by disreputable scrap dealers, according to past reports from the Bowling Green Police Division.

The best way to discourage thieves is to park vehicles in a well-lit lot or in a garage, said Lt. Dan Mancuso.

In May 2014, police received reports of at least 10 vehicles that had their catalytic converters stolen on Clough Street, Mercer Road and State Street.

In January 2015, two thefts of catalytic converters were reported in Bowling Green,

Catalytic converters regulate vehicle emissions and contain platinum. They are relatively easy to steal as they can be unbolted or cut from their place near the exhaust pipe.

“The only ones they steal are the ones on the bottom and are easily accessible,” said Scott Feehan, owner of Muffler Brothers in Bowling Green.

“You can take the catalytic converter and take it to a junk yard and receive money for it, said Jason Speck, store manager at Speck Sales in Bowling Green.

The average cost for the sale of a converter is $70, according to Jason Meyers, owner of Dixie Auto Parts.

Feehan said thieves typically use a cordless SAWZALL to remove the converters, which can be very loud.

The cost to an owner to replace the item starts at around $200, Feehan said. It go be as high as $1,000, according to Speck.

Feehan added he has had one customer come in for a new converter.

A vehicle that has had its catalytic converter removed will sound like there is no muffler. It is OK to drive the vehicle to a dealer to get it replaced.