NORTHWOOD — A new maple sugaring shed will be one of the buildings the Wood County Park District will be creating as part of capital improvements in 2022.

The Board’s October meeting outdoors at Cedar Creeks Preserve iat the pavilion on Tuesday.

The sugaring shed will be at the Carter Historic Farm, said Corinne Gordon, historic farm and history specialist.

“That’s going to be a pretty basic building, but we do tap the trees in the wood lot. We have a variety of maple trees back there. We’ve been collecting the sap for the last few years, but cooking it down in the modern way. We’d like to cook it over an open fire, like they would have done it in the great depression. So we are building a building where we can do that,” Gordon said. “We are a Depression Era living history farm, so we try to do everything period appropriate.”

The farm will also have fencing work and a horse shed.

“Both of those buildings will be using wood from our farm,” Munger said. “It will be a nice add-on which we will be able to say could have been original to the farm. We will be taking dead trees.”

Those improvements are all part of the 2022 Operating Budget Review - Capital Improvements, that Munger presented.

It has $490,700 in the budget, but with $350,000 in new projects budgeted.

The differences in the budget are from projects that are rolling over from last year.

“The two big ones are to the barn at the Reuthinger Preserve, we’re adding more offices over there, and the other is the archery range tower we’re putting in over there. Those two were budgeted for last year, but because of lumber prices we said that it makes no sense to spend premium taxpayer dollars on something we can hold off and build later,” Munger said.

The past conversions of stone parking lots have been considered successful and those conversions will continue in 2022.

“We’re looking to do a few more parking lots with the chip and seal,” Munger said.

Munger noted that when they do work on parking lots they will be considering grading issues in the future. They have received complaints about water runoff with past projects, but

“When we had those big storms I was looking at the security cameras and it was doing exactly what it was supposed to do. That water was running down into our property. It worked perfectly,” Munger said.

There will be chip and seal projects on the Slippery Elm Trail and Beaver Creek Preserve. Other parking lot work will be done at Reuthinger Preserve and the Slippery Elm Trail. Trail surfacing or repairs will take place at Cedar Creeks, W.W. Knight Preserve and the Slippery Elm Trail.

Munger also responded to questions about the two deer incidents. Board member Denny Parish had asked about the status of the vehicle and driver.

Board Chair Sandy Wiechman seconded Parish’s additional concerns for personnel, “Vehicles can be fixed, officers can’t.”

The truck is still being repaired, but it is not totalled. The officer was driving between parks when the accident took place.

Friends of the Wood County Parks has purchased a new website system. It’s all automatic with auto-pay features.

The new system is all-inclusive, for $150 per month. Parish is making a donation covering a year’s worth of monthly fees, which he offered immediately after Weis made the announcement.

In addition, there is a new email version of the group’s newsletter. The print version will continue, “at least for a while,” said President Candace Weis. “Some like print and some don’t.”

The Carter Farm dish for the meeting was fresh corn bread, baked by Gordon. The eggs came from chickens on the farm, while the corn meal and wheat flour were both milled at the Providence Metro Park, in Lucas County, by the Ludwig Mill.