Rossford Police

A Rossford police officer talks on his radio while stading across the street from Rossford High School.

ROSSFORD - Rossford Police announced an "all clear" Wednesday afternoon following a bomb threat that prompted an evacuation of the high school and junior high.

Authorities are investigating the call that led to the incident.

Police issued the all clear via Facebook and Twitter shortly after 1 p.m.

Rossford Police Chief Glenn Goss said that just before 11 a.m., a duty patrol sergeant called and reported that Rossford High School had received a bomb threat, which was called in. None of the district's elementary schools was threatened, according to Goss.

Goss said the Toledo Police Department's bomb-sniffing K-9 unit was called in to assist. The animal "didn't indicate on anything."

Both the high school and the junior high were evacuated as the result of the threat, and the students taken to the Rossford Recreation Center, where they could be picked up by parents or guardians. Wednesday is the last day of school for Rossford students.

Goss said that students had been released for the day and that staff were being allowed back into the building Wednesday afternoon.

He said Wednesday morning that "statewide, several school districts recently have received some of these calls, and a lot of those have been unfounded."

"Our next step," he said, "is to try to follow up on that phone call and see if we can determine where it came from."

Goss said that, at present, there is no information on the threat or the call. However, he said that he had been informed the call "sounded automated."

This is the latest among recent bomb threats to Wood County schools.

In October, two separate bomb threats were called into to Woodland Elementary and Frank Elementary in Perrysburg. Both incidents turned out to be unfounded and appeared to be computer-generated calls similar to those received by other schools in the state.