LIME CITY — Two milestones have been reached for the Perrysburg Township Fire Department.

At Wednesday’s trustees meeting, Fire Chief Tom Brice reported that the combined fire and EMS runs were the busiest in the history of the department and they broke the 200-run mark.

The 180 EMS calls combined with the 21 fire calls totalled 201 calls.

“Incredibly busy,” Brice said. “Maybe you are aware, maybe you are not. We have been dealing with issues with the hospitals and with them closing, and being a maximum capacity. That has been a particular problem this week.”

Included in the report is the number of stops at transport hospitals.

The two most popular were McLaren St. Luke’s in Maumee with 45 and Mercy of Perrysburg with 24. The single case transported to Wood County Hospital was due to being maxed out.

“It’s been a little bit difficult, not only on the personnel, but also with the patients, because they may not get to go to the hospital they want to go to. It’s an interesting and difficult time in health care,” Brice said.

Brice said that both Wood County and Mercy of Perrysburg have closed this week.

Trustee Bob Mack asked if it was due to the coronavirus.

“No. The primary reason, I’ve been told, is primarily a staffing shortage. There are beds available, just not primarily nursing staffing, and being able to accommodate monitoring of those beds,” Brice said. “Certainly COVID plays a part in that, but it is primarily staffing.”

The department’s VFIS Insurance policy was renewed for $1,135. It provides some coverage for part-time members.

Trustee Joe Schaller asked how many part-time members were in the department.

Brice said that there are currently 12 members, but they are hoping to get a few more. He said with the rapid growth in the local communities, all the departments are fighting to recruit the same people.

The fire department will also be replacing six Motorola radios, because the previous ones are no longer being supported through outdated technology. The department has a special replacement deal with a $10,000 discount. The purchase totals $24,037.

They were also approved to have four members participate in a Swift Water Rescue Course, June 6 - 10, put on by the South Bend Fire Department. The cost will be $700 per person. Brice said that they had tried to have instructors put the course on using the Maumee River, but the inconsistent water level — it was always too low — resulted in cancellations.

The training needed board approval because the firefighters will be away from the department for almost a week.

A new nuisance abatement sign was approved by trustees. The sign is reusable. It will be created for the site of a former car wash on Oakmead Drive that has had more than a dozen calls from residents.

The sign is meant to let residents know that the township is actively pursuing a solution to the problem.

“This is to let people know that we are doing something about it, because this is going to take a few months,” said Walt Celley, township administrator.

Celley said the building is collapsing and trash is collecting on the property. Attempts to contact the owners have had no response.

The five-year tech support contract with PerryProTech was also approved for renewal for $10,059. There will also be a one-time cost for email migration at $8,160. The contract covers 61 PCs, 13 servers, back-up, security and other services.