LIME CITY — Obsolete computer operating system upgrades is requiring a fire department, EMS and police dispatch system upgrade, which received approval by Perrysburg Township trustees. More computer system upgrades are coming.

Trustees approved a motion, at the May 1 meeting, not to exceed $76,000 for a new dispatching unit for the fire department and EMS.

“We’ve had radio guys out the last couple years trying to keep this thing running,” said Police Chief Mark Hetrick. “It’s not supported. The system is so outdated that if we don’t do something now it’s going to crash and it will be a serious problem.”

“They’ve had more issues than we’ve had, but they’re serious issues,” said Fire Chief Tom Brice. “Their transmissions are dropping off. So an officer will call in and guys won’t hear it. So that, obviously, could be a big issue. They’ve had multiple vendors out looking at it to see what’s going on.”

The dispatching console system that ran on those old computers is incompatible with the new operating systems. Replacement of the consoles is now the only solution.

Neither department had budgeted for the unexpected expense.

It can be funded, but will require cuts from other parts of the budget. Police are able to fund their section of the bill, $36,375, by eliminating the purchase of a new cruiser. The fire department will also be making cuts to cover their part of the bill, which comes to $39,417.

The new system will run on modern Motorola radios. Instead of three consoles, they will have two, with an extra mobile radio replacing the second console in the fire department.

The previous system, installed in 2009, ran on computers with a Windows XP operating system that is now obsolete. Replacement computers had to be purchased because maintenance and support are no longer available. Microsoft does not upgrade or have security systems for that operating system.

Requests for proposals on the replacement of other township owned computer systems with Windows 7 operating systems, that become obsolete at the end of this year, have been released.

Also at the meeting, the trustees:

• Rehired Alex Pinkerton as a firefighter. He had previously worked for the department and moved out of state. Having returned to the area, fellow officers are happy to have him back and working with them.

• Approved an auto-aid agreement with Middleton Township for the fire department for mutual tanker truck provision. A similar agreement is already in place with Troy Township.

• Heard the police department is awaiting arrival of the previously approved purchase of a Dodge Durango. In the interim, a township pick-up truck will be used, as needed.

• Passed a resolution for the recreation department to accept the gift of used playground equipment from the Rossford School District.

• Renewed the CareWorksComp workers compensation policy for $8,279.