PEMBERVILLE — The village had a smoking year for fire runs in 2019.

At last week’s council meeting, Fire Chief Duane Martin gave a report on the activity in Pemberville in 2019 and how it related to some previous years.

In all, Martin reported 334 calls to the fire station. That is 10 more than in 2018 and tied for the most calls ever to the station. The most of the calls came from medical runs totaling 183 for the year.

Overall, Martin was proud of the work that his station did this year and is looking forward to the future.

“We have a good group of people and the community always supports us and that’s where it starts,” Martin said.

In other business at the Feb. 4 meeting, council passed a motion to update the computers controlling the security cameras at the municipal building at last week’s meeting.

The total cost to re-install the camera system will be $1,096 along with an additional $100 for the labor to re-install the system.

Councilman Daniel Angel explained the need for the cameras in further detail.

“The problem with the cameras is that they are running but they are not recording, or they are recording but we can’t access it. What we are going to try to do is move those cameras to one specific computer so that someone doesn’t cause some problems where we can’t retrieve our data from it,” Angel said.

The motion to have the computer system controlling the cameras re-installed was passed by all members of council.

Pemberville has been awarded a $4,450 grant from the Wood County Park District’s 2020 local parks grant programs. The grant will be used for signage and design around the village.

The plan is to produce:

· Three village of Pemberville signs

· Three Portage River Trail signs

· Two parking area reserve signs

· Two for trail users only signs

· Six no motor vehicle signs

· Six trail closes at dark signs

· One sign at Oberhouse Park

· One sign at Volunteer Park