Keenan Colquitt not in our town

Keenan Colquitt listens as Alex Solis starts the Not In Our Town meeting Thursday, Jan. 5, 2017 at the BGSU Student Union.

Not In Our Town BG is brainstorming ways to celebrate its fourth anniversary in April.

The idea of a poker run fundraiser was nixed as an anniversary event but may happen later in the summer.

Thirteen members of the group attended Thursday’s monthly meeting to discuss bylaws and anniversary planning for the event on April 17.

Repeating the Build a Better BG event that took place in the fall is under consideration.

The local chapter of the Gunslingers and the Punishers motorcycle clubs have offered to do a poker run with proceeds benefiting NIOT. The club promotes motorcycling among active and honorable retired law enforcement officers.

“It would help promote our inclusion with law enforcement, like is done with coffee with a cop, and provides a chance for the community to meet more law enforcement officials,” said Leslie Galan-Sautter.

A poker run is where participants pay a fee and visit five to seven checkpoints, drawing a playing card at each one. The object is to have the best poker hand at the end of the run.

This could become a flagship event for NIOT, she added.

“We have to get out of Main Street. There are a lot of people who know where Bowling Green is, but don’t know what Bowling Green is and don’t know what’s going on in Bowling Green,” Galan-Sautter said.

“This is an opportunity for us to go more into Wood County that we never go into.”

Linda Lander was against linking the poker run to the anniversary.

Mike Campbell, representing the Bowling Green State University Police Department, said linking it with the anniversary could pull in a larger crowd with a captive audience at the end to talk about the purpose of the event.

It was argued that April is not the best month for a poker run, and that having students out of town for a summer event is OK because the run isn’t geared toward students.

A format for the anniversary, similar to Build the Best BG Week but called A Week of Action, is under consideration.

Alex Solis, who replaces Galan-Sautter as NIOT co-chair, was appointed by BGSU President Mary Ellen Mazey, who wants to ramp up NIOT involvement with available BGSU resources. The university co-chair responsibilities now will fall under her office.

Gary Saunders continues to be the community co-chair.

Lander presented bylaw recommendation and pushed to get them approved.

The group is hampered in assigning duties until the bylaws are approved, she said. “This is an important document” and is needed to get committees to start working.

Margaret Montague suggested getting a community and a university representative on each of the four proposed committees. She will raise the need for people at today’s BG Human Relations Committee meeting.

Solis will check the interest of the BGSU community.

Minority students have been invited to discuss any harassment being experienced in town and on campus at Tuesday’s Bowling Green City-University Relations Commission meeting. That meeting will be held in Room 315 of the Bowen-Thompson Student Union at 7 p.m.