A Toledo man accused of the stabbing death of a disabled man has rejected a plea offer.

Joshua Morales, 45, was indicted in April by a Wood County grand jury for allegedly fatally stabbing a Stony Ridge man in 2020.

He faces two counts of aggravated murder and one count of murder, all unclassified felonies; one count of aggravated robbery, a first-degree felony; and one count of tampering with evidence, a third-degree felony.

He was transported from the jail Monday to the courtroom of Wood County Common Pleas Judge Molly Mack.

In December, defense attorney Lawrence Gold filed a motion requesting expert assistance in DNA testing with the accompanying $3,340 to have the test done.

“It’s still our request to have this test done,” he said. “It is a critical component to the case.”

If convicted of the first three counts, his client could be sentenced to life in prison, Gold wrote in his motion.

“In light of the severity of the possible sentence, the state and the court have a substantial interest in assuring the reliability of the fact-finding process and the propriety of the sentence imposed,” according to the motion. “Without DNA re-testing and expert assistance, provided at state expense, defendant will be deprived of any meaningful opportunity to challenge the state’s case.”

Gold wants a DNA test on the inside of the fingertip of a rubber glove found at the crime scene.

According to court documents, DNA analysis revealed blood from the victim on the exterior of the fingertip and DNA of the defendant on the interior of the fingertip.

Gold said the test may take four to six weeks; consequently, the trial that was set for early February has been vacated.

Morales allegedly stabbed Billy Hamilton Sr., 67, multiple times in his home. Hamilton, who used a wheelchair and was disabled, was found in his home July 10, 2020, according to a joint press release from the Wood County Sheriff’s Office and Wood County Prosecutor’s Office.

It is believed that the men had been acquaintances for some time before the murder and that Morales developed a plan to rob Hamilton and kill him, the release stated.

Hamilton was killed July 8, the release stated.

Wood County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Brian Boos made the offer that if Morales pled guilty to the murder charge, the remaining will be dismissed at sentencing.

“At this time, my client rejects the offer,” Gold said.

Gold will update the court of the test status at the next pretrial, which was set for Feb. 28.