An Elida man has been arrested after being found in a Bowling Green storage room wearing only his boxers.

Bowling Green Police Division officers were called to the 400 block of South Main Street Thursday at 12:58 a.m. on a report of an unknown subject in a storage room banging on the walls and yelling.

According to the police report, when officers arrived on scene, they spoke to the caller who pointed to a door that opens from the outside of the apartment building and is a storage room for the building.

Officers could hear moaning and something moving around inside the room. They opened the door and a man was lying on the ground wearing nothing but boxers. He appeared sweaty and had spit on his face, the report said.

Upon exiting the storage room, the man was identified as Owen E. Anderson, 22, after officers located an ID in the cargo shorts that were on the ground.

Anderson was unsteady on his feet and had slurred speech and was incoherent most of the time when he spoke, according to the report.

From what officers could understand, Anderson was staying with a friend in town and had been drinking.

He was arrested for criminal trespass and was taken to jail.

He pleaded guilty later Thursday, was fined $150. He was sentenced to 21 days in jail, with 20 days suspended and was placed on community control for one year.