A Wood County judge has ordered the shutdown of a Bowling Green hotel.

At Monday’s Bowling Green Council meeting, City Attorney Mike Marsh said that a judge ordered the Days Inn location in BG closed late last week after the city filed a lawsuit.

Marsh said the order culminated nearly two years of working with the Days Inn to clean up what he said was a “bad situation out there,” but said the owners had been uncooperative.

He said that on June 30, the city filed a lawsuit in Wood County Court of Common Pleas to close the hotel, and a hearing was held Thursday before Judge Molly Mack, who ordered the hotel be closed.

Marsh said that unless the really serious safety hazards, including structural hazards are resolved at the facility, “I think it’s going to stay that way.”

He said a further hearing, at which the owners can appear and seek to have the order removed, is scheduled for July 14.

Marsh thanked Bowling Green Fire Division Chief Bill Moorman, who he said devoted a lot of time to the issue over the last two years, and also thanked the Wood County building inspector and the Ohio Fire Marshal’s office.

“It’s not something we’re particularly happy about,” Marsh said, “but frankly there was an unwillingness to even clean the place. It just had to be done.”

Addressing a question from Councilman Neocles Leontis, Marsh said that there were no long-term residents still living at the site by the time the city filed its suit.

He said that Wood County Job and Family Services “had eventually moved everyone out and we kind of gave them warning that it was coming and by the time we filed Tuesday, there was no one there.”

In a September 2019 story, the Sentinel-Tribune reported on several long-term residents of the hotel who were either suddenly asked to leave or had their monthly rent payments increase.

The Days Inn management at the time said that they were trying to make improvements and have the facility be more of a hotel than long-term place to live.

It had been formerly known as Buckeye Budget.