Jonathan Jakubowski

Author Jonathan Jakubowski with his new book.

The new book “Bellwether Blues: A Conservative Awakening of the Millennial Soul” is aimed at pulling the millennial generation of Wood County into the Republican Party at a time when the author says this age group is disillusioned with changing Democratic party values.

“Faith, family, and freedom. These three pillars are interdependent in the American experiment, and the reason for this book,” said author Jonathan Jakubowski.

In the book’s preface he challenges the assumption that the millennial voter, ages 24 to 39, is out of reach for conservatives.

“Wedged between an ideology that has abandoned them and an ideology that has taught them to hate, millennials appear to be stuck in a cycle of hopelessness, skepticism and despair when considering the state of American political affairs,” he wrote, “which has resulted in the “Bellwether Blues.”

Jakubowski maintains that reaching the millennial generation in Wood County is critical as their numbers are increasing and their voting habits are shifting. His research has shown that, nationwide, the millennial generation numbers 73 million while the baby boomer generation is reduced to 72 million in 2019.

He said the final impetus to write the book came when he learned that Wood County was one of very few considered a significant “swing county” in a state known to pick presidents.

“Ir has been said that for 150 years ‘As Ohio goes, so goes the country,” he said. “Well, it can also be said, as ‘Wood County goes, so goes Ohio.’”

As executive chairman of the Wood County Republican Party and a Wood County Board of Elections member, Jakubowski said he felt that as the Democratic party continues to move from a historically liberal stance to more radical leftist views, it will be essential to capture the attention of the millennial generation “who wanted to hear the truth.”

The book is written in three parts.

Part 1 starts with what the author terms the Millennial Dilemma and how Wood County is an important part of Ohio political status as a swing state.

Jakubowski said his research shows that in Wood County, 70% of the historically Democratic-leaning millennial voters are now registering as Independents, rather than switching directly from Democratic to Republican.

“In the age of skepticism, abandonment of political engagement is a legitimate possibility.”

He goes on to say, “unfortunately the conservative approach to persuasion has grown increasingly pragmatic and short-sighted.” He said the “stark contrast” between the Left and Right gives political leaders an opportunity to reach these voters.

Part 2 of the book shows how a personal approach could sway the millennials into the party of Lincoln. Entitled “Stories of Principle,” the second section of the book presents the stories of seven Wood County millennials. Each describes reasons for swinging from voting Democratic to Republican in the last presidential election.

Their stories are entitled the Poverty of Welfare and Its Destructive Effects on Fatherhood, Free Enterprise Is To Compassion as Socialism is to Oppression, the Unspoken American Genocide, Faith is Like Oxygen to Freedom, Lawfulness Leads to Peaceful Prosperity, a Woman’s Right to Defense, and a Blue Hammer With A Red Heart.

Jakubowski wraps up his book’s philosophy in Part 3, titled a Critique of Modern Methods in Conservative Persuasion. He outlines his beliefs that his party should share with millennials what he calls the Golden Triangle virtues of freedom, faith, and family. He maintains that he considers these values essential to the health and future of this country.

He used the analogy of a water shortage during his time doing missionary work in Guatemala to make clear how important it is that all three virtues were necessary in living a successful life. He said that while each virtue was independent of the others, when one virtue was lacking, like scarce water, the other virtues suffered.

Jakubowski is the director of SmartSolve, a business selling sustainable paper packaging products. In his biographical material he describes himself as an avid social entrepreneur, being the founder of Champions In Action and chairman of the Forge Leadership Network Board of Directors.

He received his undergraduate degree from Bowling Green State University and his master’s degree in public policy from Georgetown University.

His book can be found for sale on Amazon. He can be reached by email at,, and on Twitter@BellwhetherBook.