Wood County Humane Society

Caitlyn Burmeister, with the Wood County Humane Society, is seen with Gunny, a mix-breed dog with only three legs. The Bowling Green shelter is closing next week for a three-week floor finish project.

The Wood County Humane Society will temporarily close Jan. 16 for three weeks and is need of foster families to take three dogs.

Shelter Manager Erin Moore said all 12 cats at the shelter have been fostered out, leaving three dogs.

Foster families only need to provide a physical location and lots of love.

“Hopefully they fall in love and adopt them after we reopen,” Moore said.

The shelter will reopen Feb. 4 once the new epoxy floor being installed has cured.

“They’re going to be generating a lot of sound and unpleasant smells and some dust,” she said. “It’s just going to be safer for everybody” to close.

The shelter will be unable to accept animals at this time, as no staff will be on hand, Moore said.

“Staff will not be at the shelter, so it is very important no animals be left there during that week,” she said.

Abandoning animals at the shelter during renovations is illegal and could result in harm or possible death from exposure from not being found in a timely manner.

There will be construction personnel on location working on the building but they will not be answering the doorbell and will be unable to assist any visitors.

The floor, which is original to the building which was built in the 1980s, will get an epoxy finish. Currently the floor is painted concrete and some of the paint is chipping, Moore said.

The epoxy also will fill in all the foundation cracks that have occurred in the last 35 years.

“This is just something that absolutely needs to be done,” she said.

The work is being paid for through donations and careful budgeting, Moore said.

Intake is slower in the winter and the shut-down is easier to manage this time of year, she said.

The shelter can hold 12 dogs and more than 40 cats.

“We did have to slow down on our intake to make sure we could adopt the animals out before we closed or could foster them out,” she said.

No adoptions, animal intakes or spay/neuter opportunities will be offered during the closure.

The shelter will send blankets, food and water bowls, toys and any medical care needed with the animal being fostered.

The WCHS humane agent will still be responding to cruelty calls, and the best way to report is via email at woodcountyhumanesociety@gmail.com.

Dogs can be surrendered at the Wood County Dog Shelter and any medical emergencies can be handled by the Toledo Area Humane Society.

“All the area shelters are aware we are closing,” Moore said.

To be on the foster list, email wchschrista@gmail.com.

Moore hopes to have more people on the list than are needed.

Some matches may not work out or an animal has to be removed for emergency reasons, she said.

The shelter does have a voicemail that will be checked daily for urgent needs and requests.

Donations of cat and dog food and toys will be accepted once the shelter reopens.