Elmwood Fireworks 2021

Steve Schreiner (from left), Dan Schreiner and Mark Poisson of Rocketship Pyrotechnics are members of the Northeast Ohio Pyrotechnics Group. They are doing a July 17 fireworks show at Elmwood High School. 

BLOOMDALE — A tribute to fathers, through fireworks, is planned in honor of firefighters by a Northwest Ohio native.

On July 17, Elmwood High School will host a musical fireworks show, which is being organized and created by West Millgrove native Dan Schreiner.

Schreiner is the Virginia Beach Fire battalion chief, the lead pyrotechnician for Dominion Fireworks and a member of the Northeast Ohio Pyrotechnics Group. Schreiner has been returning to his hometown of West Millgrove for the past several years, putting on high quality “backyard” shows with the help of the West Millgrove fire department.

Schreiner sees the shows that he puts on as a gift to the community of West Millgrove.

“I have deep roots in Northwest Ohio,” he said. “My dad was a 50-year volunteer at the West Millgrove fire department. When he passed away back in 2008, the fire department gave him just an incredible firefighter funeral. The love and respect they showed when he passed away, I can never repay that.”

The show is being put on by the Joint Central Fire District and Bloomdale, Cygnet, Wayne and Perry Township fire departments.

In 2019, Schreiner created Rocketship Pyrotechnics with his brother Steve Schreiner and colleague Mark Poisson. Through this collaboration, they put on their first “pyromusical” titled “Rocketgirl - A Tribute to Women Who Reach for the Stars.”

The show featured a medley of songs that were used to precisely coordinate with the fireworks, and a projector screen with a slideshow to help guide the show.

This year’s show is titled “Hand-in-Hand - A Pyromusical Tribute to Fathers.”

Spectators can expect this year’s show to be more advanced than the first show from two years ago, he said.

“We have lighting effects, three fog machines, we have fire effects, there are fireballs … it’s meant to immerse people. It’s like coming to a fireworks rock concert,” Schreiner said.

These shows have become a passion for the members of Rocketship Pyrotechnics, and they see them as an opportunity to show how beautiful fireworks are.

“We put so much thought and time, easily a couple hundred man hours into this show,” Schreiner said. “It’s a creative outlet where we can show people what fireworks can really be.”

The show will be held July 17 at Elmwood High School, 7650 Jerry City Road, starting at dusk. The rain date is July 18.

The event will be free to all spectators, with concessions offered by the Wood County Volunteer Firefighters’ Association.

Proceeds will be used to help fund a Christmas shopping program for under-privileged children.