PEMBERVILLE — Village council met last week to discuss a variety of topics including building a fence around their property, appointing a new zoning inspector, and getting Bowling Green State University students involved in some of the issues surrounding the city.

One of the lengthiest projects that was discussed during the Jan. 21 meeting was the approval of building a privacy fence from a brush pile on the property of the town hall around back to the utility building.

Councilman David St. Louis said that fence building was important for a variety of reasons.

“The main thing here is that we do have a situation that what we’re showing there is a bit unsightly for a new subdivision and we’re going to try and make sure that we are doing our duty to kind of cover that up in a way and also give people a nice look there so that we are doing a cleaner separation from our properties,” he said.

The dimensions of the fence would be 56 feet by 104 feet and would cost the town $9,186 to build. The measure was passed by all council members.

A new zoning inspector was also appointed for 2020 as three candidates were interviewed before the council meeting took place. Eric Campbell was the person that was selected for the position getting yes votes from all of the council except for Councilman William Long.

The council also spoke about an email that they received from a BGSU professor hoping to get some Bowling Green students involved in some of the issues facing Pemberville. Several ideas were given by the council including ways to extend greenspace in the city as well as ways to revitalize the downtown areas of the city.

“I thought about looking into economic development for small villages, looking into similar towns that have revitalized their downtown areas and what kind of processes they go through, what kind of ideas they throw out to draw more business in,” Councilman Daniel Angel said.

Also at the meeting, council:

• Paid bills totalling $2,604.84

• Heard from Bailey about plans to update the village website

• Heard that the old lumber yard might also be for sale. The price of $34,000 is being offered to purchase the property. Council spoke about the benefits of possibly purchasing the property and that it would cost an additional $34,000 to demolish the property as well.