Duane King is building a new LMARIES laundromat on South Main Street in Bowling Green.

Patience is a virtue when looking for property in Bowling Green.

“It’s difficult to buy a piece of of property and have it be reasonably priced,” said Duane King of developing in the city.

His patience paid off when property became available on the south end of downtown — which he envisioned as the perfect site for his LMARIES laundromat.

The original one is on East Wooster Street. The family also owns a laundry business in Cygnet.

There was just one problem. The property at 333 S. Main St. was the site of a former gas station.

He and his wife, Lisa, and daughter, Samantha, got busy taking the pumps out themselves and reconstructing a new building on the property.

“We tore everything down, took out the pumps, followed all EPA guidelines, got all proper permits through the state,” he said. “My daughter and I are doing most of the work ourselves.”

The entrepreneurial spirit runs in the King family.

When Samantha was a junior at Bowling Green High School, she purchased a three-wheeled ice cream truck, peddling sweet treats around their home in Portage and in Bowling Green.

King hopes to have the new LMARIES open by the end of the year.

The business has pushed through coronavirus challenges, he said.

“At first we really had a decrease … but that didn’t last long,” King said. “We’re surviving, like a lot of of businesses are.”

He said the decision to build the new laundromat was made more than three years ago, well before the pandemic.

Curious about the origins of that name, LMARIES?

King said it’s Lisa’s nickname.