Marathon specail products regal

Dave Brick, Vice President, speaks to employees at Marathon Special Products/Regal during their lunch break. 

The Marathon Special Products team has achieved the elite Performance Excellence One Star Certification Title for the Regal Company that operates the plant.

This is only the 15th Regal site to achieve the top ranking. It is also the first of the 30 plants in the power transmission division to achieve the rank.

“This significant milestone was achieved through the hard work and dedication of the facility’s 173 team members, through engagement at every level in the facility, and through the leadership of plant manager Brian Mich and the vice president and general manager Bret Danks,” a news release from the company stated.

“We have been here for 51 years,” Danks said. “The Performance Excellence program’s Star rating system is a way to look at the foundation elements for performance at a world-class level focusing on on-time delivery and quality.”

Executives from the home office in Florence, Kentucky, visited last week to recognize the employees for their efforts that led to the ranking. The management team visited all three shifts and provided them with amenities such as a catered luncheon Tuesday.

“We are all very proud of your excellence. Because you are the first, you are a leader for us,” Ernie Leicht, vice president of operations, said at the luncheon.

Bob Dogge, vice president of manufacturing, concurred. “You always provide quality hard work. When we set a goal for you, you achieve it and don’t spend much time to do it.”

BJ Chahar, vice president of gearing, noted his pleasure in returning to the site given his lack of frequent visits to the plant.

“Frankly, you guys don’t need us — you are doing a great job. Once you take on a task, you get it done,” Chahar said. “You are a business leader. You’ve got a great operation and doing a great job.”

Linda Domer has been with the plant for 48 years.

She summarized her thoughts: “There have been a lot of things that have changed, a lot of improvements. They are great to work with. We’re very proud of the award and it’s an honor to have them (company executives) here. We all worked very hard to get here.”

Dogge said he would not be surprised if the Bowling Green plant becomes the first to earn the 2-star benchmark.