BG Burgers

Katy and Scott Daily are the new owners of BG Burgers.

BG Burgers new owners Scott and Katy Daily say, in a way, the coronavirus pandemic was a blessing in disguise.

Katy Daily said the slowdown in business when they took over operations on March 16 gave them a way to start slow and create an operation that offers sales both on-site and carryout, as well as through their expanding catering business.

“It was a good time to deep clean the facility, organize the supplies and train the staff about the Daily way of making and serving our own unique recipes,” said Katie.

The menu BG Burgers now offers six new signature sandwiches.

There is also the new dessert addition of the Brownie Bomb, a family recipe, and, according to Scott Daily, “almost as big as your head.”

New signature sandwiches include the Nashville Hot Chicken sandwich. Scott said that their chicken breasts are marinated in their special sauce, then double-hand breaded and cooked when ordered.

“We depend heavily on social media and the Nashville Hot Chicken popularity just exploded, with more and more orders coming in with every ‘like’ it got,” Scott said.

Scott said the popularity of their new Shroom and Swiss Burger, with arugula and their house made onion marmalade is running neck and neck in popularity with their Tribeca Burger with house made bacon jam, brie and arugula.

The children’s menu is expanded, and there are three new salads to choose from.

Scott said everything is made fresh, with locally acquired meats that are never frozen.

“In a perfect world, starting at the beginning of an economic slowdown was not the ideal start,” he said, “but, as we see our sales grow, we know we made the right decision.”

He said sales have increased 50 to 60% since they opened.

The Dailys are also greatly expanding their catering operation.

“Only a finite number of people might go out at night, and only some of that finite number might stop by our restaurant,” Scott said.

But catering allows them to bring their food to the public in offices so an ever-larger segment of the population becomes familiar with their selections.

Increased sales have meant increased job opportunities.

Scott said he is proud of the fact that, while other businesses have had to lay off staff, they have increased their help from 6 to 10 people since they opened.

One new service offered by increased staffing was the addition of a delivery vehicle and driver. They also work with delivery services.

Customers dropping by their place at 1424 E. Wooster St. will find that they can now order their choices at the counter and then have it brought to their table. BG Burger also takes call-in orders as well as internet orders through their website .

The Dailys returned to Bowling Green after two years in Fort Wayne when they heard that BG Burgers was for sale.

Scott said he and Katie have wanted to start our own restaurant for a long time.

“My entire career has been in the restaurant industry and because we missed Bowling Green anyway, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to come back here.”

Katy said it seems like it their return was meant to be. Ironically, she said they were able to buy back the house that they sold when we moved to Indiana.

“We are delighted to be in the same neighborhood and same schools for our children, ages 9, 6, 4 and 1,” Katy said. “Fort Wayne is a great town, but we missed BG a lot.”

Scott is excited about their new business.

“We have married the American classic to the neighborhood staple to create the perfect little place to be a big juicy burger, sandwich or famous sub,” he said. “Taste is the name of the game and we love the game.”

(Katy Daily's name has been corrected, and information about sandwiches has been changed.)