Lia Ricci

Lia Ricci, owner of Asherah's Garden, shows a crystal used in crystal therapy.

Asherah's Garden celebrated five years of business with a store expansion.

The full service holistic boutique and "metaphysical wonderland" opened a new room this month named the "healing garden" for holistic services, classes and gatherings.

The expansion also doubled the size of the sales floor and allowed for a new partnership, said Lia Ricci, owner and clinical holistic health practitioner.

"We now have Carmen Kosmider, a massage therapist and esthetician, with us. She helps customers with things like chronic pain, carpal tunnel and sciatica," Ricci said.  "Her messages so nicely compliment what we already offer."

Such services include Reiki, aromatherapy, acupuncture detoxification, herbal health consultations, crystal therapy, kinesiology and life coaching.

The addition of skin care, makeup and facials will add some fun to the store, Ricci said.

"You can literally plan a full spa day here. We will be launching a ladies night out soon," she said.

Customers have nothing but positive feedback about the store's expansion and additional services, Ricci said.

"A lot of customers have been with us since the beginning. They're amazing. Their word of mouth and dragging friends in here is what keeps us open," she said. "It's great that the community supported us for five years."

Half of what the store offers, such as crystals, jewelry, books and body and bath products, were stocked on request.

 "I tell them, if there's something you feel the community is missing, tell me and I will do my best to get it in for you," she said.

Holistic healthcare offers support and safe, alternative ways of healing, but does not diagnose health problems, Ricci said.

Common conditions customers have are depression, anxiety, diabetes and sleep issues like insomnia, she said.

Holistic healthcare is one of the fastest-growing industries in the country.

Ricci credits its popularity to giving people a chance to do something proactive about their health.

"People are tired of not having control over their health and well being," she said. "They're looking to get back to what grandma was doing; going out in the garden, pulling some plants and slapping it on."

Holistic health is meant to be preventative and promote longevity and a healthy life, Ricci said.

But that doesn't mean she or her customers disagree with seeing doctors and taking prescribed medications.

"Thank goodness for western medicine. If I fall out of a tree, please, do give me the drugs and set my bones," Ricci said. "But I'd probably put a poultice of some kind on it, too. It all works together."

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The facility is located at 315 N. Grove St., Bowling Green, For more information, call 419-354-8408.