Citations April 22:

Expired registration: Benjamin Baldwin, 34

Driving under suspension: Benjamin Jachimiak, 45

Police responded to an East Wooster Street gas station for a fake $10.

Display of plates, temporary permit, invalid license/stickers: Maremi Perez Alonso, 18

Citations April 23:

Loud muffler, driving under suspension (two counts): Jay Rowe, 38

Expired registration: Mathew Sesevich, 22

Accidents occurred April 23:

Matthew Hill, BG, was northbound on Campbell Hill Road in the left turn lane at East Wooster Street. Nathaniel McBride, Toledo, driving a tractor-trailer, was westbound on East Wooster, turning left onto Campbell Hill. McBride had almost completed the turn when his driver’s side rear trailer wheels struck Hill, leaving rub marks and scratches.

Ricardo Rosales, Rudolph, was stopped at a private entrance in the 1000 block of South Main Street. George Perkins, BG, was southbound on South Main approaching the drive. Rosales was cited for failure to yield after driving into the roadway and causing a crash.