Accidents occurred April 15:

Sharita Simmons, BG, was northbound on South Main Street and attempted a right turn onto Lehman Avenue. She cut the corner too short, drove over the curb and onto the electric pole guide. Simmons was cited for failure to maintain reasonable control.

Citations April 16:

Criminal trespass: Timothy Cole, 64

Theft/shoplifting: Kyle Wentz, 46

BG civil enforcement received a complaint of a vehicle parked in the back yard, a couch and trash outside a home, and beer cans in the yard, all in the 100 block of South Summit Street; and a desk chair left outside for weeks at a residence in the 200 block of South Summit.

Citations April 17:

Jordan Ditch, 30, BG, was arrested for obstructing official business and resisting arrest. He was taken to jail.

No operator’s license, use of unauthorized plates, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia: Jerrica Moss, 32

Driving under suspension (two counts), open container in a motor vehicle: Ryan Garland, 30

Use of unauthorized plates, loud muffler: Constance Elliott, 22

Driving under suspension: Matthew Barringer, 35

BG civil enforcement took a complaint of leaves and branches in the roadway in the 800 block of Carol Road.

Citations April 18:

William Kingsley, 57, BG, was arrested for aggravated menacing and telecommunications harassment and was taken to jail.

Possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia: Jazmine Rosemond, 20

Failure to control: Sandra Lepper, 84

Driving under suspension: Elizabeth Snyder, 30; Mercedes Ferguson, 26

Marked lanes: Miles Wiltse, 20

Failure to reinstate, driving under suspension: Jimmie Boyd, 55

Citations April 19:

Expired registration: Amy Martin, 24

Taillights required, driving under suspension: Jauron Johnson, 28

Police responded to the 900 block of North Prospect Street for a subject threatening to harm himself.

Accidents occurred April 19:

Makayla Curry, Milford, was northbound on South Prospect Street north of Lehman Avenue. She said she swerved to miss a dog and ran over the right curb. She swiped a utility pole and continued about a block on the passenger side front tire rim before stopping and leaving the car. Curry was cited for failure to maintain reasonable control.

Citations April 20:

Theft/shoplifting: Kyle Wentz, 46

Myron Bester, 41, homeless, was arrested for criminal trespass and was taken to jail.

Citations April 21:

Speed: Raymond Hasty, 37

Police responded to the 400 block of South Main Street for an overdose and the man was taken to the hospital.

BG civil enforcement received a complaint of a camper in the backyard in the 100 block of Ada Avenue.

Accident occurred April 21:

Joshua Shafer, BG, was legally parked in the 1200 block of Finch Drive when his Honda Odyssey was struck by an unknown vehicle with left the scene.

Citations April 22:

Expired registration: Benjamin Baldwin, 34

Driving under suspension: Benjamin Jachimiak, 45

Police responded to an East Wooster Street gas station for a fake $10.

Display of plates, temporary permit, invalid license/stickers: Maremi Perez Alonso, 18

Citations April 23:

Loud muffler, driving under suspension (two counts): Jay Rowe, 38

Expired registration: Mathew Sesevich, 22

Accidents occurred April 23:

Matthew Hill, BG, was northbound on Campbell Hill Road in the left turn lane at East Wooster Street. Nathaniel McBride, Toledo, driving a tractor-trailer, was westbound on East Wooster, turning left onto Campbell Hill. McBride had almost completed the turn when his driver’s side rear trailer wheels struck Hill, leaving rub marks and scratches.

Ricardo Rosales, Rudolph, was stopped at a private entrance in the 1000 block of South Main Street. George Perkins, BG, was southbound on South Main approaching the drive. Rosales was cited for failure to yield after driving into the roadway and causing a crash.