Citations March 8:

Traffic control device, OVI, PAC (BAC 0.196): Gage Pfeiffer, 21

Two headlights required, OVI, PAC (BAC 0.158): Samuel Troutman, 20

Disorderly conduct/loud noise, nuisance party: Thomas Brunner, 23

Possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia: Anyssa Durden, 21; Jaysyn Durden, 18

Open container, underage possession: Darrien Williams, 20; Brianna Skidmore, 19; Makenzie Bopery, 18

Underage possession of alcohol: Chad Murray, 18

Possession of marijuana: Kamari Brown, 19

Expired registration: David Smires, 23; Jackson Lewis, 23

Speed: Sterling Gittens, 22; Henry Keller, 20

Driving under suspension: Drake Mc Clair, 21

Driving under suspension (two counts), stop lights required: Mackenzie Crane, 26

Failure to register: Jason Smith, 43; Jeffery Clark, 28

Display of plates: Travis Gonyer, 26

Police took a report of a smashed vehicle window in the 500 block of North Enterprise Street; a PlayStation 4 that was taken from the 500 block of West Gypsy Lane Road; items taken from a vehicle in the 300 block of North Summit Street, the 300 block of Colony Lane and the 400 block of South Summit; Street and a car entered in the 300 block of North Summit Street.

Citations March 9:

Unauthorized use of property: Elizabeth Rister, 56

Speed: Madison Abbe, 18; Madeline Harp, 19; Jinwen Lin, 41; James Amburgey, 49

Expired registration: Faris Caleca, 38

Display of plates, no valid license, muffler required: John Graham, 22

Temporary motorcycle permit, no motorcycle helmet: Edward Lavelle, 51

Display of plates: Nicolas Conway, 17

Expired license: Emmanuel Nartey, 24

Police observed a female lying across the railroad tracks on Lehman Avenue with a man standing over her. Upon investigation it was determined he was taking her picture and they were doing a photo shoot. Both were warned for trespassing.

Police took a report of theft from a motor vehicle in the 100 block of Clough Street.

Citations March 10:

Speed: Edwin Prime-Orr, 24; Molly Firsdon, 23; Samantha Gerschutz, 25; James Wenger, 61

Expired registration: Robert King, 30; Marlon Land, 34

Failure to reinstate: William Kingsley, 57

Driving under suspension: Meshay Washington, 20

Unsafe vehicle, display of plates/validation stickers: Kyle Longnecker, 25

Possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia: Steven Schultz, 19

Citations March 11:

Underage possession of alcohol: Steven Schultz, 19

A warrant has been issued for Miracle-Sincere Turner-Stokes, 20, BG, for domestic violence.

Expired registration: David Blasiman, 28

Driving under suspension: Katheryne Pyle, 20

Display of plates/validation stickers: Haylie Bowlby, 20

Speed: Aaron Plikerd, 31; Gabrielle Stahl, 41; Shaylee Hyman, 22; Allison Kuhr, 24

No seatbelt: Maddison Cordell, 21

No valid license: Olaniyi Ayoko, 27

Display of plates, driving under suspension: Aqeedah Allen, 22

Display of plates: Zachary Volmar, 20

Police took reports of a vehicle broken into in the 500 block of Ridge Street, the 800 block of East Napoleon, and the 500 block of Pike Avenue; a theft from the 300 block of Ridge Street; a criminal damaging report in the 400 block of Lehman Avenue; and a female in a manic state in the 1000 block of Third Street.

Police took a report of theft from a vehicle where the window was broken out; of an assault at the middle school; and theft from a building in the 1000 block of Fairview Avenue.

BG civil enforcement took a report of trash along the side of a house in the 300 block of North Enterprise Street.

Accidents occurred March 11:

Rosiland Fletcher, BG, was southbound on North Main Street, changed lanes from the right curb lane to the left lane, and slowed to make a turn. Cole Schlesner, BG, was cited for failure to maintain assured clear distance after striking Fletcher.