Citations Dec. 4:

Disorderly conduct/public urination, underage/under the influence: Shawn Pokorny, North Royalton

OVI, PAC (BAC 0.172), failure to yield right of way and driver license misrepresentation: Brooklyn Thurman, BGSU

Disorderly conduct/loud music: Julia Nkrumah, BG; Emmanuella Asamoah-Asare, BG

Assured clear distance ahead: Joy Shepherd, BG

Failure to register/expired tags: Tristen Ankney, BG

Lighted lights, no valid license: Noah Baldeh, Zanesfield

Approaching stationary public safety vehicle displaying emergency lights: Ivan Carter, BG

Speed: Kathleen Harmon, Maumee; Ryan Jackson, BG

Expired registration: Thomas Shultz, Gibsonburg

Police took a theft report of a city utility bill valued at $45.

Citations Dec. 5:

Police responded to a call for an ambulance in the 100 block of North Main for a female who might have alcohol poisoning. Elizabeth Bennett, BGSU, was cited for underage/under the influence.

Sameer Menezes, 20, Dublin, was arrested for underage/under the influence and was taken to jail.

Underage/under the influence, disorderly conduct/fighting: Riley Simons, North Baltimore

Nuisance party: Julia Nkrumah, BG; Emmanuella Asamoah-Asare, BG

Right of way: Jordan Wilcox, Findlay; Christopher Jeakle, Waterville

Expired registration: John Warner, Rudolph

Driving under suspension: Monique Paxson, Portage

No valid license, failure to register/expired tags: Joseph Reyes, BG

Speed: Ethan Zimmerman, Tontogany

Display of plates: Armand Washington, Euclid

Police responded to the 1000 block of North Main where a customer entered the store and stole alcohol.

Citations Dec. 6:

Police responded to the 1000 block of Fairview Avenue on a report of an unconscious male.

Police took four reports of stolen checks from the city’s utility bill drop box, totaling $381.

Police took a report of a theft report from Uptown/Downtown bar; of a damaged vehicle in the 200 block of South Main; and to an individual harming herself in the 1000 block of Third Street

Keenan Philpott, 22, BG, was arrested for violation of a protection order and was taken to jail.

Speed, driving under suspension, failure to reinstate: Rupert Nave, Toledo

Signal light, no seatbelt: Thomas Altizer, BG

Right of way: Richard Downard, Pemberville

Assured clear distance ahead: Toni Hazen-Mansfield, Perrysburg

Citations Dec. 7:

Alecia Carrocci, Toledo, who was found lying on the ground in the 200 block of South Main and was cited for OVI (search warrant for blood), reasonable control and open container.

Traffic control device, OVI, PAC (BAC 0.081), open container in a motor vehicle: Jay Stockwell, BG

Lighted light, driving under suspension: Brandon Lowery, BG

Failure to register/expired tags, no valid license: Jharard Vaughn, Toledo

Speed: Rebecca Parker, BG

Police took a report of a stolen Amazon package in the 500 block of West Gypsy Lane Road and of an assault at the high school.

Citations Dec. 8:

Failure to reinstate license, driving under suspension: Thomas Ramsey, Findlay

Failure to register/expired tag: Wyatt Rickenbacker, BG

Fictitious plates, expired registration: Ashley Menke, Toledo

Display of plates/validation sticker: Kelly Ream, Pandora

Officers were requested to the 700 block of Sand Ridge Road for a female juvenile who was suicidal. Four hours later they returned to the same address for a juvenile who took some pills.

Police took a criminal damaging complaint in the 900 block of Fairview Avenue.

Citations Dec. 9:

Daniel Fields, 39, Toledo, was arrested for domestic violence and taken to jail.

OVI, PAC (BAC 0.140), reasonable control: Heather Jenkins, BG

Matthew Baldridge, 23, Portage, was arrested at Walmart for theft/shoplifting and disorderly conduct with persistence and was taken to jail. A warrant was issued for Ciara Parks, 23, BG, for theft.

Expired registration: Abigale Reed, Columbus; Andrew Pflieger, BG

Right of way: Steven Richards, BG; Nikki Jones, BG; Jackson Cox, Dublin

Traffic signal: Jakob Jared, Pemberville

Vandalism was reported at City Park. At 3:10 p.m., police located five juveniles at the Stone Shelter with new graffiti.

Police responded to the 1700 block of East Gypsy Lane Road for a report of drugs found in a dumpster; to the 700 block of South Main Street for a vehicle that caused damage to a building; and to a business in the 1400 block of East Wooster Street for a counterfeit bill.

Police took a report of a theft from the city’s utility bill drop box valued at $129.

Citations Dec. 10:

Expired registration: Jacob Magoun, Perrysburg; Amanda Heitkamp, BG

Assured clear distance ahead: Shawn Secresty, Carey

Failure to register/expired tag: Allison Hoag, Toledo

Probationary license-excess passengers with juvenile: Cole Baughman, Grand Rapids

Expired registration, operating a vehicle with previous owner plates: Katherine Knoell, BG

Driving under suspension, expired registration: Elijah Reinhart, BG

Police took a report of a check valued at $145 stolen from the city’s utility bill drop box.

Citations Dec. 11:

Underage/under the influence, disorderly conduct/unable to care for self: Ambrose Aquilla, BGSU

Christopher Rice, 32, BG, was arrested for domestic violence and was taken to jail.

A warrant was issued for John Henry Moore, 34, Warren, Michigan, for disrupting public service and assault.

Lighted lights required, prohibited acts, underage possession of alcohol: Reid Notestine, BG

Mathew Kresal, 34, of Union, was arrested for two counts of theft and was taken to jail.

Expired registration, operating vehicle with former owner plates: Beau Karamol, Maumee

Failure to register/expired tag: Marie Ochoa, Northwood; John Kiehl, BG

Use of unauthorized plates: Samantha Wilber, Oregon

Failure to control: Edward Lavelle, BG

Right of way, no valid license: Xavier Santo Domingo, BG

Driving under suspension: Jessica Rand, Oberlin

Right of way: Riley Ferguson, BG

Police responded to the 500 block of South Summit Street for a stolen Christmas ornament.