Bowling Green State University will be refunding students the costs of spring semester housing, dining and parking, due to coronavirus campus closures.

“We want to provide a fair, equitable amount of support to each student and their family, so BGSU has chosen to absorb the fixed costs associated with housing, dining, and parking that have already been incurred for the entire semester,” wrote President Rodney Rogers in a letter to the students that was sent on Monday.

Students had been urged to leave campus and not return in a letter March 16.

Students began virtual online courses after the return from spring break March 23, which was also addressed in the letter.

“Regarding tuition and fees, students are being provided online courses, virtual advising and coaching so that they can continue their academic career, along with a virtual experience of student activities. These courses are for credit and these support services are being provided by our qualified and dedicated faculty and staff. Given that, no adjustments will be made for tuition and fees for this semester.”

The university is basing the methodology of the refund on guidance from the U.S. Department of Education.

"Each student's emergency grant representing a refund will be individually calculated to ensure fairness," Rogers wrote. "The grant will be based upon the number of remaining nights in their specific residence hall, starting March 19, the amount of dining swipes that were unused and the number of days remaining of unused parking."

Specific refund amounts will be sent to students by email and posted to student accounts within 48 hours, followed by a refund check or direct bank transfer in 10-14 days.

The letter was also signed by Sherideen Stoll, vice president for finance and administration and chief financial officer.