University Hall. 

Five buildings on the Bowling Green State University campus were marked with graffiti.

Markings were called in to the campus police Friday morning and on followup investigation the same markings were found on University Hall, McFall Center, the Math Science Building, Overman Hall and the Life Science Building.

The incident is under investigation and no arrests have been made, said Police Chief Michael Campbell.

“I haven’t seen the pictures, content wise. It was the same on all the buildings. It would seem they were doing some kind of abbreviation, ‘ACAB,’” Campbell said. “I am not 100% sure, but we did a Google search and there is a hash-tag out there All Cops Are Bastards, but I don’t know if that was the intent.”

There have been no contacts with the university or police related to the markings, beyond the initial reporting of the graffiti.

“We’re trying to figure out when it happened. I assume recently. We don’t have a definite time frame yet,” Campbell said.

The university released a statement on the damage.

"Bowling Green State University is aware of the graffiti on several facilities located on its Bowling Green campus. We are extremely disappointed that someone would damage these facilities, which have been funded by the taxpayers of Ohio. The university does not tolerate vandalism or destruction of property. These incidents have been reported to BGSU Police to investigate."