BG Police station

A Bowling Green High School freshman was arrested last month for inducing panic.

The 14-year-old, who lives in Rudolph, was charged with inducing panic and taken to the juvenile detention center after he reportedly posted on social media that he was going to shoot up the school.

On March 1, Bowling Green police responded to a home on Dakota Court to speak to the caller about threats she observed on one of her daughter’s social media accounts. The caller told police that a BGHS student had messaged her daughter and stated he was going to “shoot up the school.”

The woman’s daughter told police a boy at her school had been threatening to hurt her and her friends for almost a year in a group chat on Discord. She stated that he has also made threats to bring a gun to school.

She told police she didn’t take any of the threats seriously until that day because she didn’t believe he had access to any firearms. She also said on the night before, the teen had messaged her about a cat he killed with a BB gun.

She took screenshots of the conversation and showed the officer.

Bowling Green police and Wood County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the teen’s home on Bays Road to speak with him and his parents.

The boy said he was joking when he said he was going to shoot up the school and that he was mocking the girl. He denied he told her about how he would sneak a gun into the school.

Bridget Ansberg, executive director of at the Wood County Juvenile Court, said the teen was released from detention March 15 and put on house arrest until his next hearing on April 12.

The inducing panic charge is a first-degree misdemeanor. He can be sentenced to community control or up to 90 days in the detention center, Ansberg said.