The Bowling Green Police Division will stop setting traps for animals in order to give more focus on civil violations.

Beginning today, police will no longer set traps for nuisance animals.

Citizens with nuisance animal issues should contact a nuisance animal trapper. Nuisance animal trappers can help catch nuisance animals and also provide information to prevent nuisance issues in the future.

The community has indicated it prefers police to spend more time on civil violations, such as nuisance property violations, said Lt. Dan Mancuso.

One person does nuisance properties, which takes a significant part of the day, and animal control, he said.

The department has taken calls to trap opossums, skunks, raccoons, cats and groundhogs, Mancuco said.

Going back to Jan. 1, 2020, 48 requests were made for animal traps: 16 for raccoons, five for skunks, five for opossums, 10 for groundhogs, four for cats, one for a squirrel and seven for an undetermined animal.