Bowling Green police responded to hitting and spitting reports Thursday, and issued the first citation for a public gathering.

On Thursday at 11:21 p.m., officers responded to 1042 Fairview Ave. for “a large group” of people having a cookout, said Deputy Chief Justin White.

Upon arrival, officers heard screaming and saw Nicole Tefft, 28, punch another woman in the face.

Tefft was cited for disorderly conduct with persistence after she struggled with an officer who was trying to pull her away from the scene.

She also was cited for misconduct in an emergency for failure to obey state edicts during the pandemic.

“With the governor’s warning, we are not driving around looking for a group of people,” White said.

However, if someone is causing a disturbance, they can be cited, he said.

Tefft was taken to jail and was released Friday on a own-recognizance bond with the conditions she not possess or consume alcohol, have no contact with the alleged victim, and not cause or threaten to cause physical or psychological harm to anyone.

At 2:53 p.m. Thursday, a Perrysburg man was cited for spitting at a Bowling Green business.

Jacob Protsik, 20, was cited for criminal mischief after he was seen spitting on the outside door of Cashland, 1028 N. Main St.

According to the police report, Portsik became irate after the Cashland employee would not take back a game system he was trying to return, White said.

Portsik allegedly started calling employees names and using profanity. Upon leaving the store, witness observed him spitting on the glass door.

When contacted by police, Portsik, “he said he might have done that,” White said.