Wood County Courthouse

File. Wood County Courthouse. 

A Bowling Green pleaded guilty to drug charges and was sentenced to jail.

Joshua Ireland, 23, appeared Tuesday in the courtroom of Wood County Common Pleas Judge Matt Reger.

He was indicted in August for aggravated trafficking in drugs, a first-degree felony; trafficking in marijuana, a third-degree felony; and trafficking in hashish, a second-degree felony.

According to the indictment, the offenses were committed in the vicinity of a school.

As part of his plea, all charges became third-degree felonies and the vicinity of the school subsection was dropped.

Wood County Assistant Prosecutor David Romaker recommended a sentence of 36 months for each charge, to be served concurrently.

Reger said, however, if certain requirements are met, he could impose a sentence of 36 months for each charge to be served consecutively for a total of nine years.

Ireland must pay $15,000 in mandatory fines, Reger said.

“The court is going to be obligated to impose $5,000 in fines on each one of those charges, for a total of $15,000,” he said.

According to Romaker, police arranged controlled buys with Ireland’s roommate as part of an ongoing drug investigation of that individual. On June 29, police executed a search warrant of their residence in the 800 block of Fifth Street.

They found psilocybin mushrooms, marijuana, hashish and bundled currency in Ireland’s room, Romaker said. He said that some of the drugs were in small packages ready for sale.

It was “a great wake-up call,” said defense attorney Christopher McGowan about his client.

“What is unique about this case is his roommate has his own problems. His roommate was selling marijuana to other people. My client knew his roommate was busted … and was told it was all taken care of and not a problem.”

Then the indictment showed up, McGowan said.

Ireland hasn’t been using drugs or been in any trouble since this incident, he continued, and had returned home, moving away from those people he thought were his friends.

He is working two jobs and transferred from Bowling Green State University to Owens Community College.

“He’s a person that has a lot going for him,” McGowan said. “He wants to learn from this mistake.”

He said he thought Ireland would qualify for intervention in lieu of conviction.

“I think he is a person who can be rehabilitated,” McGowan said. “The only person he blames is himself.”

“I know what I did is not right,” Ireland said.

He said he is attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and church.

“I’m encouraged by that and I think you have every intention of doing the right thing,” Reger said.

Romaker said due the totality of the circumstances and that it happened in the vicinity of a school, the state would not waiver on its sentencing recommendation.

The offenses were committed in the vicinity of Crim Elementary and St. Mark’s Lutheran Church preschool.

Reger followed the state’s recommendation and imposed a sentence of 36 months for each charge, to be served concurrently. Ireland may request early release after 180 days.

Ireland also must forfeit $9,901 that was found in his room with 85% going to the Bowling Green Police Division and 15% to the Wood County Prosecutor’s Law Enforcement Task Force.

The roommate, Gavin Morgan Ingraham, 22, Bowling Green, is scheduled for a final pre-trial appearance on Feb. 2.

He had been indicted for three counts trafficking in marijuana, all fourth-degree felonies; trafficking in hashish, a second-degree felony; and trafficking in marijuana, a third-degree felony.