Wood County Courthouse

File. Wood County Courthouse. 

A Bowling Green man currently in a rehabilitation program has been indicted for involuntary manslaughter.

The first-degree felony charge against Keith Alan Swartz, 39, stems from the drug overdose of Amber Casey in May.

According to the Oct. 7 Wood County Grand Jury indictment, the cause of death was the result of Swartz committing or attempting to commit the felony offense of drug trafficking.

The death occurred in Bowling Green and Casey was from the Curtice area, said Wood County Prosecutor Paul Dobson.

“The allegation is he had sold the drugs to the victim from which she overdosed and died,” he said.

The drug was fentanyl, Dobson added.

According the Casey’s online obituary, she was 30 years old at the time of her death on May 21.

Swartz’s current address is the SEARCH program, offered through the NorthWest Community Corrections Center in Bowling Green.

He was in court in June for a possession of heroin charge, at which time as part of a community control sentence, he was ordered to successfully complete the SEARCH program.

The center offers chemical dependency treatment and relapse prevention to those convicted of a felony-level offense. The goal is to assist residents with making positive behavioral changes.