A Bowling Green man accused of helping steal a bike used by an adult with disabilities has been sent to the hospital.

On Monday, Cameron Fox, 24, was transported from the jail to the courtroom of Wood County Common Pleas Judge Molly Mack for what was scheduled as a final pretrial hearing.

Instead, the judge granted the defense request to have Fox sent to Flower Hospital in Sylvania for emergency admittance for mental health issues.

Joseph Salmon said his client could not comprehend due to reported seizures and mental health issues..

A jury trial schedule to start Wednesday has been canceled.

Mack said that Fox will not leave the hospital until he has completed treatment and he will be transported back to jail once he completes that treatment. Failure to return immediately may result in an escape charge.

Salmon said Fox went off his medications that prevent suicide tendencies and he did make an earlier attempt to take his life.

Once Fox is released from the hospital, he will be ready to continue with a plea as intended.

“He needs some help right now,” Salmon said. “We don’t want him to be released because it’s not safe for him.”

Mack said she was concerned over the proceedings because Fox had rejected two plea deals.

Salmon said his intention is to not go to trial.

Fox was indicted in November for theft from a person in a protected class, a fourth-degree felony, and receiving stolen property, a fifth-degree felony.

On March 8, he rejected an offer by the state to plead guilty to the theft charge and in return the receiving stolen property charge would be dismissed. A sentence of community control was recommended.

At his next appearance on April 5, he again rejected that deal.

Mack then revoked Fox’s own recognizance bond after he failed a drug test.

Salmon said his client was self-medicating by using marijuana to treat his anxiety and depression.

Fox was taken to jail and bond was set at $10,000, no 10%.

A new plea date was tentatively set for April 26.

Co-defendants Jorden Hammye, 23, Perrysburg, and Jonah Repolesk, 21 Weston, also were indicted for theft from a person in a protected class, a fourth-degree felony, and receiving stolen property, a fifth-degree felony.

During the night of Sept. 30, a Top End Excelerator XLT Jr. pedal bike valued at $3,000 was taken from a van in the 100 block of Byall Avenue. The bike belonged to a disabled adult. A short time later, a call was received from someone who saw the bike in the 100 block of North Prospect Street. Surveillance video reportedly showed Fox riding the bike with Hammye and Repolesk walking next to it. Adult probation identified one of the subjects as Repolesk, who was known to hang out with Fox, who lived in BG.

Detectives visited Fox’s apartment, where the bike was retrieved, as was items stolen from a number of vehicles in Bowling Green. When interviewed, Fox said it was Hammye who had stolen the bike out of the van.

A nationwide warrant was issued in November for Repolesk’s arrest.