In a joint statement released Thursday, Bowling Green Mayor Mike Aspacher and Bowling Green Police Division Chief Tony Hetrick said that they are concerned with recent incidents downtown and will close a parking lot.

They said that the lot between Howard’s Club H and Liquid, in the 200 block of North Main Street, will be closed and posted no trespassing, loitering or illegal parking. Enforcement of this no trespassing order will be conducted throughout the weekend. Persons found in the lot will be cited and illegally parked vehicles will be towed.

Aspacher and Hetrick met with local bar owners.

“The resounding sentiment from the city and bar owners is that this behavior will not be tolerated in the City of Bowling Green and we are all prepared to do all that is necessary to ensure it stops,” the statement said.

The police division will continue to provide extra officers on Friday and Saturday nights for an increased presence in the downtown area. The police division has been in contact with law enforcement partners including Bowling Green State University Police, the Wood County Sheriff’s Office and the Ohio Highway Patrol. Each has committed to assisting and will provide extra patrols.

In the downtown area, property owners adjacent to the locations that were involved in the shootings that occurred on July 31 and Oct. 2 are taking steps to prohibit loitering, large gatherings and illegal parking.