The City of Bowling Green received five bids for paving projects on two streets scheduled for this year.

The bid opening for the paving projects was held Thursday and, due to the conoravirus outbreak, took place under different circumstances than normal.

The bid opening had originally be scheduled to be open to the public but, according to an email, was “closed to the public due to coronavirus restrictions” and was live-streamed online via the city’s YouTube channel instead.

Thursday’s bid opening was streamed from council chamber, with City Finance Director Brian Bushong and Municipal Administrator Lori Tretter on screen.

The projects receiving bids on Thursday included the paving of both Flanders and Thurstin avenues.

The companies and their bids, in the order in which they were opened, included:

• The Shelly Company, $280,822

• Crestline Paving, $289,469

• Helms & Sons Excavating, $315,752

• Henry W. Bergman Inc., $272,329

• Gerken Paving, $309,829

Tretter said at the close of the meeting that all bids would be submitted to the city’s Engineering Division for analysis.

Assistant Municipal Administrator Joe Fawcett said that the engineer will review the bids to ensure that all necessary components are included, and determine the lowest and best bidder.

After review, the engineer will make a recommendation to Tretter, and the winning company will be contacted. He said the bid would likely be awarded within the next two weeks or so.

The bid results are also to be posted on the city’s website.