Work continues at the Wood County Plays' new RallyCap Sports Inclusive Playground at Carter Park Wednesday afternoon.

The new Carter Park Inclusive Playground, located at 401 Campbell Hill Road, will have several features.

A larger-than-life wheelchair-accessible log in the center of the play space will allow visitors to explore, climb and imagine together. A 5-foot-high artificial turf hillside and accompanying slides will create unique challenges and lots of fun. This playground will also feature the first wheelchair swing in Bowling Green, which is designed for easy access and ensures that all can experience the joy of gliding through the air. And for thrill-seekers, a 7-foot-high climbing course will challenge their ability to race to the top.

This playground will welcome children and adults of all abilities. It will provide individuals, who are physically, mentally, or emotionally challenged, the opportunity to grow and learn through sensory-stimulating activities and peer-to-peer interactions.

Wood County Plays Inclusive Playgrounds are wheelchair and walker accessible through extensive ramping, rubber surfacing and specialized play equipment. Fencing also surrounds the playgrounds for children with sensory disorders. The poured rubber surfacing is coded for children with visual impairments to highlight danger areas and play spaces for toddlers are specially designed for family fun.

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