Progress Wood County Hospital

File. Main entrance of Wood County Hospital. 

Wood County Hospital is treating two patients with coronavirus, as the county total stands at 20.

Cristy Walton, vice president of development at the hospital, said ages, genders and conditions could not be provided.

“We don’t release any type of patient information,” she said on Friday.

The hospital is set up to have all of the COVID-19 cases in the ICU, Walton said.

Wood County has 20 cases, according to a Wood County Health Department update posted Friday afternoon. That includes 13 hospitalizations.

There have been zero deaths. The age range is 20-71. There are seven males and 13 females. The median age is 60.

In Ohio, as of Friday afternoon, there have been 3,312 cases with 895 hospitalizations. There have been 91 deaths.

The age range is from younger than 1 to 101. The median age is 54 and includes 48% males and 51% females.

Wood County Hospital is still open to other patients and emergencies, Walton said. They are easily separated from the coronavirus cases, she said.

“We’re set for an overflow of patients, but it really depends on the patient and how they present,” she said.

The hospital has started using Battelle, the Columbus company that was in the news last weekend when Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine personally called President Donald Trump about the business.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration initially decided to allow Battelle to sterilize 10,000 N95 surgical masks per day. After DeWine’s call, that number went to 80,000 per day, and could be more.

“We have sent off our first batch,” Walton said.

There has been a learning curve, she said. Staff using the masks must keep their faces free of cream and makeup, Walton said.

“Those do not come back,” she said. “It’s gone well so far, but it’s an education process and it just started.”

The hospital continues to monitor the supply of personal protective equipment.

“It’s pretty good right now, but we’re evaluating it every day,” Walton said. “We have a lot on order and we’re waiting for it to come in.

“It’s something we address every single day.”

The staff also monitors DeWine’s daily press conferences, which include a briefing by Dr. Amy Acton, Ohio Health Department director.

Although Ohio’s curve of coronavirus cases continues to flatten, the hospital staff is still preparing for the surge, Walton said.

“We’re pretty confident something is going to be coming,” she said, adding that social distancing seems to be constructive and practiced in Wood County.

“We hope it’s going to affect the surge and bend that curve so we will see less cases,” Walton said. “But we don’t know so we’re preparing for the surge. We want to be prepared.”

Wood County should not be hard hit like other Ohio cities, she said.

“We really don’t feel we’re going to see that surge, like Cleveland or Columbus. We feel our numbers will be nowhere near that. We’re hopeful.”

Walton added that telehealth has been implemented by the hospital’s primary physicians. If someone needs to contact a doctor, they should not be afraid to reach out, she said.

“We are trying to minimize face-to-face visits, but we want to make sure our community can still talk to their physician,” Walton said.

If technology is not available, a telephone call can also be arranged, she said.

Those without a primary care physician can reach out to Falcon Health Center, Walton said.